Divot Tool: A Golfer’s Best Friend on the Green

Now, for a new golfer this can be a little bit confusing: the “hole” you make in the ground when you hit an iron shot off the fairway (hopefully), is called a “divot”. But, some people also call the hole you make on the green when your approach shot lands, a “divot”.

I prefer to call the hole on the green a “ball mark”. But, for whatever reason, the tool that fixes the “ball mark” or “divot” on the green was termed a “divot tool”. But, it is not used in the fairway for a “divot”. That you fill with the left over grass/dirt or with pre-made divot mix provided by the golf course?

Is that confusing enough for you? Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.

Golf is a game of precision, technique, and sportsmanship. On the perfectly manicured greens of a golf course, every player aims to achieve that elusive, smooth putt. However, the journey to a flawless putting experience is not without its obstacles. One of the most common challenges golfers face is the unsightly and frustrating divot – a small depression or indentation on the green caused by a golf ball’s impact. Thankfully, in every golfer’s arsenal, there exists a simple yet indispensable tool that comes to the rescue: the divot tool.


What is a Divot Tool?

A divot tool, also known as a pitchfork or green repair tool, is a compact instrument used to repair the damage caused by golf balls striking the green at high velocities. When a golf ball lands on the green with substantial force, it can create depressions or divots, which, if left unattended, may hinder the putting surface for other players and ruin the overall aesthetics of the course. The divot tool’s primary purpose is to restore the green to its former pristine condition, ensuring that it remains in top-notch shape for everyone’s enjoyment.


Design and Functionality of the Golf Divot Tool

Typically made from metal or durable plastic, divot tools have a two-pronged design that resembles a miniature fork. The prongs are strategically inserted into the turf surrounding the divot. By gently leveraging the tool upwards, the golfer can gradually lift the affected area without causing further damage. The objective is to level the turf and promote regrowth, allowing the green to recover quickly and seamlessly.

Some divot tools come with additional features, such as a magnetic ball marker or a clip to attach the tool conveniently to a golfer’s cap or bag. These add-ons make the divot tool even more practical and accessible during a round of golf.



The Etiquette of Divot Repair

Repairing divots is not only an act of responsible golfing but also a display of courtesy towards fellow golfers and the course itself. Embracing proper divot repair etiquette reflects the golfer’s respect for the game and the environment in which it is played. When every golfer takes the time to fix their divots, the cumulative effect contributes to a healthier, more visually appealing golf course for everyone.


How to Repair a Divot on the Green

To properly repair a divot, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate the Divot or “Ball Mark”: Identify the location of the divot on the green. Remember that some divots may be more challenging to spot than others, so keen observation is crucial.
  2. Approach with Care: Approach the divot with your divot tool in hand, ensuring you do not damage the green or the surrounding area.
  3. Gently Push the Turf: Insert the prongs of the divot tool into the ground in the center of the divot and at the edges of the divot. Be gentle as you push the turf back toward its original position. Do so on all sides of the ball mark/divot hole.
  4. Press Down: After raising the divot, lightly press down on the repaired area with your putter or foot to ensure the turf is even with the rest of the green.
  5. Smooth It Out: If necessary, use the flat part of the divot tool or your putter to smooth out any rough edges or remaining imperfections.
  6. Move On: Once the divot is repaired, move on to reading your putt with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve played your part in maintaining the course’s integrity.



In the realm of golf, the divot tool may be small, but its significance cannot be overstated. It is a symbol of responsibility, respect, and camaraderie among golfers. By taking a few moments to repair divots during a round, golfers contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the golf course, ensuring its allure and playability for generations to come.

Next time you step onto the green, armed with your trusty divot tool, take pride in knowing that you are not only playing the game you love but also caring for the very environment that makes it possible. Embrace the role of a responsible golfer, and let your divot tool be your steadfast companion on the journey to a more enjoyable and harmonious golfing experience.

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