Step into Mexico: Shop One of a Kind Mexican Backpacks, Fanny Packs, Home Goods, and More.
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Bringing the Best of Puebla, Mexico to You.

One of a kind Mexican backpacks, fanny packs, bags, purses, face masks and more, made by local artisans in Puebla, Mexico.

Product Development

We search throughout Mexico for the highest quality goods and work with local artisans to develop the best products. We only use high quality materials with top quality sewing and craftsmanship. Each PureBold product is one of a kind.

Transport & Finish

After developing the best possible products, we carefully ship the new PureBold items back to California. In San Diego, we add finishes to the products and prepare them for sale. Each item is one of a kind and treated with the utmost care.

Local Support

Our U.S. office is here to support you in answering questions, facilitating exchanges, or with whatever you may need from us. PureBold offers free returns and exchanges on all items. We strive to ship extremely quickly and safely.

Premium quality products with unique, eye catching appearance

The first thing you’ll notice about PureBold products (besides the look) are the soft, premium materials. It’s our goal for you to get a tremendous value and a product that exceeds your expectations. PureBold’s Mexican backpacks, fanny packs and bags are designed to last for decades.

jamie wearing PureBold Mexican fanny pack
purebold women in puebla

Support the artisans of Puebla, Mexico

All PureBold purchases support the skilled artisans of Puebla, who spend countless hours making these beautiful products. We also give back a percentage of PureBold profits to the artisans we buy from. Your purchases on this website mean a significant bonus for these hard working people.

Impact and Goals

On a mission to combine the best of Mexico with the best of America, into one company…one Mexican and one American began selling these PureBold products.

On their travels throughout Mexico, Carmina and Mike realized that maybe people in the USA and throughout the world would enjoy the beautiful products being made in Mexico.

The goal is to serve both Americans and Mexicans. We want to deliver amazing products and experiences to those in the USA and around the world, and give back to the hard working artisans of Puebla.

PureBold employees