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Exeperience an In-Depth Video Lesson for $40.

No subscriptions. No nonsense.

Just quality instruction that you can use to improve your golf swing and lower your scores, quickly!

I, Mike Belleggie, have 21 years of golf experience that I want to share with you. I played at the collegiate level and still shoot in the low 70s and some days even in the high 60s (from the back tees ;).

Golf is my biggest passion. I’ve had lessons from some of the best instructors in the world and I’ve been studying the swing for the past two decades.

Also, I’ve practiced countless hours and played in dozens of college tournaments. I know the shots and the techniques you need to learn to lower your scores.

Please upload videos of your swing and give me a chance to help you.

I will email you a link to a video which shows my full analysis of your golf swing. It is my goal to identity 1-3 key problems in your swing and tell you exactly how to fix them.

It will be up to you how much time and effort you spend improving your swing, but it is possible to see immediate and drastic improvement.

You must discover what is wrong with your swing and practice the correct form in order to improve. Otherwise you will remain at your current level indefinitley.