Bars, Make More Money.

Experience more customer loyalty and activate a new revenue stream.

Increase Sales and Loyalty

Our members go to the bars and restaurants within the PureBold network in order to receive their discounted prices

We Promote You

PureBold consistenly promotes the bars and restaurants in the network. We advertise on all major social media channels and search engines. Customers will see your business and the specials you offer.

Unlock a New Revenue Stream

When you and your staff refer people to PureBold, we pay you for those referrals. This can add up to be a significant new revenue stream for your establishment.

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Do You Want Lower Food and Drink Prices at Your Favorite Bars and Restaurants?

“It’s Always Happy Hour” for our Members:

Bars and Bar Restauraunts – Talk to Us About How We Can Send You New Customers and Increase the Loyalty of Your Existing Customers

It Pays to be a Bar on the PureBold Network – We Will Drive Customers into Your Establishment


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