What’s the Best Way to Do Staffing and Recruiting?

by | Oct 2, 2019


What’s the Best Way to Do Staffing and Recruiting? Wow. What a huge question. Is there even a “best” way? What standards would determine whether it was done correctly or not?


The Fundamentals

Well, there are two primary parties in this process: the Employer and the Candidate (or ultimately the employee). When I say primary, I mean these are the two entities that are in a power position and deserve first priority in this process. Employers have the power to offer paying jobs, and candidates have the skills and power to fill those roles. If either of these parties ceased to exist, staffing and recruiting would cease to exist.

The staffing and recruiting industries exist because the process of filling an open role has many challenges. If employers and candidates seamlessly interacted, there would be no need for staffing agencies. As it is, employers depend on staffing agencies to make the process easier, faster, and sometimes less expensive. The staffing agencies are facilitators, making the hiring process work better. But what can staffing agencies and recruiters do to make the process better? What separates a great recruiter or agency from a bad one?


The Problem

man sad because he needs to hire picture

So what’s the problem? Well the problem is why staffing companies and recruiters exist. The problem remains that the “right” position opening finding the “right” candidate is harder than ever. Ironically, so many tools claim to make things easier. Individually, they are good. But as a whole, they combine to form a very noisy situation.

For example, LinkedIn job ads are a very powerful tool for hiring and for job seekers. A company can put up an ad and get dozens of resumes submitted from individuals, sometimes in just a few hours. But now what? You need a team to go through these resumes and find five candidates that might actually be a good fit. A company may as well just put a box outside their doorstep and let people drop in resumes. This is not doing a great job of narrowing down the applicants.

Also, since pretty much anyone can apply to these jobs, you get a lot of applicants that are totally unqualified. Sifting through these resumes is a full time job and the entire process is relatively ineffective. So how do we fix this problem?


The Solution

We need an intelligent way of matching ideal candidates with job openings, and a reliable way of facilitating and guiding that process. That’s essentially what staffing agencies or internal recruiters do. Since they are presumably intelligent people, they use that intelligence and their knowledge and their time and effort to accomplish the goal of finding 2-3 ideal candidates.