PureBold wil be introducing a new website and products in the coming weeks. The company offers premium clothing essentials at a fair, affordable price. Because of its direct to consumer nature, PureBold offers high quality products at a lower price.

The real nature and purpose behind PureBold is to further the kingdom of God on earth. PureBold seeks to exemplify the proper combination of ministry and business. Business possesses the ability to impact the world in powerful ways for God’s kingdom.

PureBold will sell men’s clothing online, women’s clothing online, along with other accessories. At some point in the future, we may add other product lines and go into different industries such as coffee. PureBold is not limited to one particular industry. The only thing that will remain fixated is our commitment to spreading the Gospel and furthering the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth.

We can only do so with your help and we invite you to please join us in expanding God’s influence.