Christian brands clothing


When you hear “Top Christian Clothing Brands“, what do you think of? There are not many prominent Christian clothing brands within mainstream America. Certainly, there are no Christian clothing brands that rival the largest clothing brands in the world. PureBold does not believe that being a Christian clothing brand means you must be a small company or sacrifice “success” for piety. No, we believe that God wants us to be successful as long as our heart and our actions promote His word and His kingdom. God allows His children to go through hard times, but that is never the end goal for them.


What Makes Christian Clothing Lines “Christian”?


So how can a Christian clothing brand strike the proper balance between focus on business and ministry? Well thankfully God designed the world so that His values are in general rewarded. Many of the morals implemented by God like honesty, integrity, hard work, and generosity are necessities in business. The Lord commands us to do all things as if we were doing it unto Him, meaning with the utmost effort and integrity. This philosophy, which is taught in the Bible, will ultimately lead to sustained success. It is Biblical to practice excellence in everything that you do. For example. PureBold strives to practice excellent product creation, marketing, customer service, while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The most beautiful component of being hopefully one of the top Christian clothing brands is that you can further the message of God’s love for the world while building a business. The more you achieve as a business should result in greater impact on the world. So, PureBold does not believe that business and ministry are mutually exclusive. The two can work hand in hand.



The Foundation of Great Christian Clothing Brands


The beauty of having a “Christian clothing brand” is that you have the opportunity to minister. That’s why at PureBold you’ll discover that we use a lot of Bible verses in our “marketing” materials. God’s word possesses real power and we aim for all of our products and messaging to reflect Him and point people to Him. You never know who will view what you put out there on the Internet, so why not make it a piece of God’s Word? Although they may not decide to follow Christ from a single image, it can be a breadcrumb on their journey to finding Him. We at PureBold remain extremely excited for the chance to hopefully build a great business and serve the Lord wholeheartedly in the process. PureBold believes that “Top Christian Clothing Brands” should meet the following criteria:

  1. Represent the Lord with the utmost integrity and use the brand as a platform to share Christ: as Christians, our main priority must be to share Christ with the world. A Christian brand’s products and marketing materials should seek to share the message of the Gospel and teach people about Christ.

  2. Produce and sell only high quality products: Good Christian brands should also be good businesses. Top Christian Clothing Brands should therefore produce and sell only products that are high quality and a good value to consumers.

  3. The people that work for the company should reflect God’s character: every interaction the brand has with customers and non-customers should be marked by integrity, honesty, and love.

PureBold believes these three main ingredients compose what should be considered top Christian clothing brands. As you can see, a company must possess excellent business practices but first and foremost represent Christ. Ultimately, the job of every Christian remains to represent and glorify Christ. That role manifests itself in a variety of practical ways such as honesty, selflessness, actively speaking about Christ, donating your time or money to ministry, volunteering to help someone, forgiving someone, showing compassion for someone, etc. In all these behaviors, when you put another person’s wellbeing first, you are being like Christ. Christ was the epitome of self sacrifice. He did everything to obey His father and to serve humanity. That must be our mantra as well no matter what earthly position we find ourselves in. God places each of us somewhere where we can uniquely affect the world for His purpose and His kingdom. Ultimately it is not about the physical position we find ourselves in, but the spiritual impact we make there.


Top Christian clothing brands must at the core be dedicated to serving Christ and furthering this Kingdom. It is the call for every Christian to be conformed to the image of Christ and to glorify God. If a brand claims to be Christian, it must reflect the character of Jesus in all of its practices. Also, consider that Christ most definitely practiced excellence in his carpentry. Do you think he worked with a bad attitude and with no dedication to his craft? No, surely he was dedicated, hard working, and excellent at what he did. So to should Christian clothing brands possess excellence in their clothing designs, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution. The emulation of Jesus in business means we must sell excellent products and practice excellent integrity in all of our dealings.


Christian Clothing Style


Since this is clothing and fashion we are considering, style will always be a primary factor. Just because there is a cause and bigger meaning behind it, doesn’t mean we can’t still look good. If you are confident and feel good about what you are wearing, you can certainly be more useful for the Kingdom of God. God doesn’t want you to be overly timid or not feel well, in modesty, about how you appear to others.

So, don’t feel bad for wanting Christian clothing that matches your style. You may like shirts with a lot of text or graphics on them, or you may like more plain clothing. There is not right or wrong, in this case. Wearing Christian apparel is an opportunity not only to express your faith, but to express your individual style. Different Christian clothing brands generally have their own look and feel to their items. So, just Google and scan through the various stores until you find a few items that match your taste. At PureBold, we aim for a simple, clean, classic style. Soon, we will be releasing more graphic tees with faith based messages as well.



When you’re analyzing different Christian clothing brands, they will all feel fairly similar on the surface. What separates one from the other will be your particular style preferences along with the character and cause of the company. Make sure that the brand has a genuine mission directed toward furthering God’s kingdom. And, obviously make sure it is a shirt you will enjoy wearing. You may really love the cause, but if you don’t enjoy wearing the clothing it won’t work. Also, remember to consider clothing quality. No matter how great it looks, if it it’s cheap, rough cotton you won’t be happy.