PureBold enters the market as a premier San Diego staffing agency. PureBold aims to delight its clients by offering superior communication, service, and results.


In today’s market, it can be incredibly difficult to locate and secure the proper talent to fill key positions. There remains a large amount of work that must be done simply to qualify a few excellent candidates. Most great candidates are employed and not actively seeking a new role. PureBold specializes in identifying these candidates and engaging them in a way that ignites their interest. It often takes speaking to 25-100 candidates before we can lock in 2-3 great ones who are qualified and interested in the position. But this is why PureBold’s service is valuable. We provide this time and effort and work on your behalf until we secure your ideal candidate.


PureBold believes that the first secret to great staffing is caring. Yes, that’s right: caring. It means that when we accept a new client, we will dedicate plenty of resources to filling their job order quickly, because we care. We care about making our clients happy. We care about our reputation. We care about placing a candidate that will actually do a great job, because that’s the only way we can actually continue to exist and be useful. PureBold is not just any San Diego staffing agency. We aren’t obsessed just with quantity and numbers, we prefer quality and loyal clients.



How Do You Locate and Connect with the Best Talent?


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It all starts with communication and us listening to what a client needs. This is the learning phase. If we can’t understand the actual needs of the business we are working for, we have no hope of finding suitable candidates. Practicing great listening and asking great questions is vital to our success as a San Diego staffing agency. You would be surprised how often recruiters and client reps don’t listen and miss key parts of what the business needs. They think they already know everything or don’t care enough to listen and understand what a job order manager needs. They’re already thinking of what they’re going to do, instead of taking the time to truly learn what a company needs. It is worth taking the extra time to understand a company’s business and what they are seeking in new employees.


After learning about the company’s needs, we roll up our sleeves and go to work. This part is about effort, persistence, intelligence, and good relationship building skills. PureBold contacts dozens of potential candidates that are not actively looking for a new role. We market the employer’s opportunity in an intriguing yet honest way, and find people that would potentially make a good match. This takes time. We normally talk to 25+ candidates before narrowing it down to 2-3 that might actually work out. The ones that have potential go through a 30 minute to 1 hour in person interview with us. Keep in mind that along the way we’re dealing with lots of logistically challenges such as someone being a perfect match but too far away from the job. To find someone that is available or willing to move to a new opportunity, has the skill set, has the experience, and matches up in terms of location and pay takes time. But, PureBold believes in keeping a positive attitude and always expects to find the person no matter how bleak it sometimes looks.


Staffing is an art and a science. You have to have the people skills and the finesse to put deals together and create the highest probability of success. It takes an intangible ability to grasp what a company needs and a feel for what candidates will deliver. You also have to know when to not force a match if it won’t last long term. For example, if a candidate seems too obsessed with the pay and is not in love with the opportunity, it probably won’t be a lasting relationship. You don’t want to place someone who’s just going to leave 3 months later. These are the constant little nuances you have to pay attention to as a staffer. Then there is the science of simply contacting a great number of qualified people. There is no way around the hard work and time and effort that goes into sourcing and qualifying candidates. At PureBold, we view staffing as this great game that we have to play better than anyone else. It takes time, maturity, soft skills, integrity, and countless other qualities to do it right. We are always trying to get better and set our goal to be the best San Diego staffing agency.



How to Choose a San Diego Staffing Agency For Your Business


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Researching “Staffing Agency San Diego” can be a daunting task. So many search results and so many websites, but how do you differentiate between them? Every staffing company will claim to be the best, but by definition they can’t all be right. So how do you figure out which staffing agency to hire before learning the hard way? Well, of course, you can always ask around. That is one reliable way to pick up good information: ask your colleagues. Ask someone you trust for a recommendation. However, this method obviously has its pitfalls. The answer you get will be based on a very limited set of data and biased by default. Your experience may end up being different from your colleagues’. A similar verification method is to check review websites like Yelp or look at Google reviews. This is a good way to get an idea about San Diego staffing agencies, however these results can also be unreliable. In fact, some companies pay for fake reviews.


So what does PureBold recommend doing? Well along with basic Internet research, the next step should be to interview the staffing agency. Call or email the agency and ask them questions. You can get a pretty quick idea from this if this outfit is going to be good for you and your business or not. Yes it will take a little bit of time, but this method is the most reliable. Because, anyone can put up a nice website, but when they are forced to actually explain their methodology you can tell if they really know what they’re talking about. Pick a few of your favorite staffing companies based on your initial research, and have them come meet with you for 30 minutes. Again, this is a little time consuming but it’s worth it. Once you find a good agency that you like working with, you won’t have to do this again. You will be able to tell pretty quickly which staffing company is the best fit for you when you meet with their representative.

Ultimately, a large component of your success working with a staffing agency is contingent upon your relationship with its representative. That person will act as a liaison, whether they execute the recruiting or work directly with the recruiters at their firm. It’s important that you are able to able to openly communicate with this individual and that they understand your needs. Otherwise, the whole process is pointless. They aren’t going to be able to deliver the people you need, if you aren’t able to work well with them and if they aren’t able to listen to you effectively.



“So What Should I Do?”


Well, unless you have a really talented internal recruiter at your company who has the time to dedicate to your search, you should find a good staffing agency. A staffing agency that will dedicate a recruiter to your project. I happen to know one just like that: it’s called PureBold. 

We are happy to to sit down with you and discuss your staffing needs and see if it’s a potential fit between us. We won’t take on a job unless we are 100% confident that we can do it quickly and successfully. Please email hello@purebold.com and use the Contact Us page to get in touch today.