New PureBold Christian Clothing, Bags, and Hats Coming Soon…

Be the first in line to shop our premium Christian t-shirts, hats, and bags. All purchases benefit Christian churches and missionaries.

Premium Christian Tees

All PureBold Christian t-shirts are made from premium materials like 100% combed cotton. Shirts will be designed to be stylish and form fitting and feature Christian themes. 

PureBold Christian t shirts

Premium Bags

Duffle bags and overnight bags made of premium materials and in different colors. You will see details of these beautiful bags on the official crowdfunding campaign page. Bags include duffle and travel varieties featuring shoe compartments. 

PureBold bags and accessories

Premium, Custom Hats

PureBold will be releasing custom hats made from premium materials. There will be hats with the PureBold logo and Christian messages like “Faith”, “Jesus”, “Hope”, and “Love”. 

PureBold logo hat