If you frequented the mall in Southern California you probably encountered a “Not of This World Clothing Store” or “C28” store. At one point, this Christian clothing brand extended to 24 physical locations. When the economy declined and brick and mortar stores in general suffered, the Not of This World Clothing Store also fell on hard times. At that point the company closed all of its physical locations and attempted to operate exclusively online. However, they were never able to recover and they were eventually purchased by Mardel. Mardel was already familiar with Not of This World Clothing from being a retail distributor of their clothing. Today, there are no longer any NOTW or C28 Christian clothing store’s. Some NOTW clothing can be purchased from Mardel.

At PureBold, we feel that the world needs better Christian clothing. The clothing we wear daily has the capability of being a tool for ministry. Wearing a Christ based t-shirt or hat can be a great conversation starter. It’s not easy striking up a conversation about The Gospel, but you may find opportunities presenting themselves by wearing Gospel related clothing. That’s why over the coming weeks we will be developing and presenting a new line of Christian clothing designed to be stylish, affordable, and effective. The Not of This World Clothing Store definitely inspired us in that they successfully permeated the market. You can still see NOTW stickers on cars today and one can’t help but believe that makes at least some positive impact for the kingdom of God. Even if it’s just causing someone to stop and think about God for just an instant, that’s worth it. God can use anything to glorify Himself. We ought to conduct our entire lives in a manner that glorifies Him and creates opportunities for Him to be shared. Christians are of course under no obligation to wear Christian clothing, but it is worth considering. There are countless stories of people who have had opportunities to share their faith as a result of the Christian shirt or hat they were wearing.

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