LinkedIn has grown into the de facto business networking website. It is a social network similar to Facebook, except it focuses on business and business professionals. Most users on LinkedIn are there to showcase their experience and skill set for the purpose of networking and receiving more job opportunities. Most of these users aren’t aware of the existence of “LinkedIn Recruiter and “LinkedIn Recruiter Lite“.

LinkedIn Recruiter is a powerful tool designed to allow you to search for a specific person/profile on LinkedIn. It is essentially a search engine that searches the entire LinkedIn database of professional profiles. LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to search by job title, years of experience, location, skills, current company, graduation year, etc. Obviously this is a very powerful tool for recruiters and companies looking for specific job candidates. Also, LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to message those candidates directly by using an “InMail”. All of this power comes at a price, however.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite costs $110 per month. The full version, LinkedIn Recruiter, costs $999 per month. The key with these tools is that they allow you access every profile on LinkedIn. Whereas if you’re using a regular membership you will be limited to only seeing profiles of people you are connected to. Or in some cases maybe someone who is a “2nd” tier connection, depending on their privacy settings.