Lex Banzon Jr

  • Software Engineer II at Evisions Inc.
  • Anaheim, California, United States
  • Computer Software

Previous positions

  • Software Engineer I at Evisions Inc.
  • Software Support Analyst at Evisions Inc.


California State University-Fullerton, Master’s degree, Computer Science



As a kid, I’ve been called a geek especially being the youngest of my bother and sister. I was a little bit of a nerd, and I always played video games. Growing up, I wanted to learn how to make video games. It wasn’t until college I took my first programming course at Orange Coast College and Java was the programming languaged. I remember during every semester I would primarily focus on programming (or Math) than the other class because it more enjoying than anything else. I got hooked and I wanted to learn more. I took Computer Science as my major and receive my Bachelor’s in Computer Science at California State University, Fullerton. I also earned a Minor in Mathematics since I took the Scientific/Mathematics courses. Soon after graduating, I want back to CSUF for the Masters Program part-time while I was full-time at Evisions working as Customer Support. During my Master’s Program, I was also a Teacher’s Assistant at CSUF to earn more funds. But, it wasn’t until 4 years later I was finally hired as a Software Engineer at Evisions. Fast-forward to today, I am still at Evisions as a Software Engineer II and I have earned my Masters of Computer Science from CSUF. I have been a Software Engineer for about 3 years and mostly programmed in C++ but I’ve also programmed in Python, Delphi, and JavaScript. I take much pride in my work and looking back, I am still that geek kid at heart and my family agrees. I love working with different programminglanguages, learning and using different libraries and frameworks, and solving problems from fixing bugs, adding new features or solving problems in CodeWars. I enjoy programming whether it’s for work or side projects, and I still enjoy playing video games.


  • Software Engineer II

    Evisions Inc.

    May 2017 – Present(2 years 5 months)Irvine, CA

    Developing Windows service platform called MAPS (Multiple Application Platform Service). Developed three products: Argos (Enterprise reporting tool), FormFusion (document enhancement), and IntelleCheck (payment processing). Use Embarcadero RAD Studio to code using C++. Most vendor components are written in Delphi and often modified to retrofit into the product. Developed web application called Argos Web Viewer written in JavaScript using Node.js, Express as the web framework, and BootStrap as the web front end framework. Key features I have designed and implemented: supporting SSL keys for SFTP protocol allowing to transfer PDF reports across a secure network, supporting single sign-on protocols such as CAS and SAML for easy authentication, ETL data to data warehouse for easier reporting, and creating data connector for different databases such as Oracle, SQLite, Postgres, and RESTful APIs.

  • Software Engineer I

    Evisions Inc.

    February 2016 – May 2017(1 year 3 months)Irvine, CA

  • Software Support Analyst

    Evisions Inc.

    December 2012 – February 2016(3 years 2 months)

    Provide customer support for clients. Maintain knowledge base articles. Host online trainings. Present topics at Evisions Conference.

  • Teacher Assistant

    California State University, Fullerton

    August 2014 – December 2015(1 year 4 months)

    Taught undergraduate Programming Concepts such as functions (return, void and recursive), loops, arrays, classes, OOP, pointers, and inheritance using C++.  Created notes, lecture slides, homework assignments, lab work, quizzes, midterm exams, and final exams.


  • California State University-Fullerton

    Master’s degree, Computer Science

    2013 – 2018

    GRAD COURSES Adv Computer Networking Java Enterprise Application Development Artificial Neural Networks Computational Bioinformatics Data Mining & Pattern Recognition Operating System Design Software Design and Architecture

  • California State University-Fullerton

    Bachelor’s degree, Computer Science

    2010 – 2013


  • English

Skills & Expertise

  • Windows Batch
  • Algorithms
  • Computer Science
  • Embarcadero
  • Oracle Database
  • JavaScript
  • Windows Server
  • XML
  • University Teaching
  • Active Directory
  • Eclipse
  • MySql
  • Microsoft Visual Studio C++
  • C#
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • SQLite
  • Databases
  • Python
  • Multithreaded Development
  • Linux
  • Javascript
  • Troubleshooting
  • Delphi
  • Software Development Tools
  • Front-end Development
  • GUI development
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • HTML
  • Shell Scripting
  • Java
  • Powershell
  • Software Development
  • Ubuntu
  • Oracle
  • SQL

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Causes Lex cares about:

  • Education
  • Science and Technology