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Jiuyun Wang

  • Software Architect & Hand-On Engineer (Media Streaming & Security, Big Data, Algorithms, ML & NN)
  • Burbank, California, United States
  • Computer Software

Previous positions

  • Principal Software Engineer at Irdeto
  • Senior Software Engineer at Irdeto


Peking University, MS, Meteorology/Numerical Modeling



I am the engineer who doesn’t settle for ordinary, but constantly looking for a way to make a difference. And I enjoy solving the problems. Highlights: * 3 master degrees with strong background in math, machine learning and neural network * 20-year programmingexperience with C/C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Python and shell scripting * Knowledge in Algorithms, Video Encoding, Streaming and Security * Expertise in Distributed System, Big Data, AWS and Cloud Computing Believe in simple solution is the best one, divide is the way to conquer the complex problem. Contact Info: Expertises: * Multi-Media Encoding/Decoding(H.264, H.265), Streaming, Security and DRM * 2D&3-D Blu-ray Frameworks & Tools * Distributed multi-channel interactive Data Marketing Solution * NoSQL & SQL based Distributed systems: Cassandra, Hadoop/Hbase, Distributed SQLServers. * Embedded, small memory footprint systems * Data Structure & Algorithms * Architect & Design Pattern (MVC, GoF) Programming Skills: * C/C++ * Java * Javascript (JQuery/Ajax, Node.js) * C# .Net * Python * Android, Object C * Distributed Systems * Cloud Platform: AWS, Docker * Others: Scala, php, Perl, Shell Script, SQL/Stored Procedure Other Experiences: * App Servers: Tomcat, Glassfish, Websphere, IIS * Dev Tools: Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Ant, CVS, Make, GCC * OS Platforms: Unix/Linux, Windows, AWS, Android * Databases Systems: MySQL, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Postgresql, Derby, HSQL, BerkeleyDB, Object Serializer, XML Persister, B+ Tree & Hashing index * Others: Apache Hadoop, HBase, LDAP/Directory Server, Identity&Access Management/SSO, WebService/XML Certifications: * 01/2000 Sun Certified Java Programmer * 09/2000 IBM Certified Specialist for OOAD, UML, J2EE, VisualAge * 10/2000 IBM Certified Solution Developer for Websphere * 11/2000 IBM Certified Enterprise Developer for WebSphere


  • Sr Software Engineer


    October 2018 – Present(1 year)Sherman Oaks, CA

    People call me “the matching engine guy”, but teamwork is the key to any success. We are aspired to have one of the simplest yet most powerful AI-powered matching solutions in the market and motivated to make our clients’ lives easier through innovations. The complexity is our problem, not your (our clients) problem. Transaction Matching meets AI & HPC -> FQ Transaction Matching: No rules, just results! C++ / AWS, Transaction Matching Algorithms R&D – Pursuing simple solutions for complex problems. FloQast offers Close Management Software by accountants, for accountants to close the books faster and more accurately.

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  • Software Engineer

    Business Data Software

    January 2018 – Present(1 year 9 months)Burbank, CA

    Make data talk to each other and maximize the potential of your data. We are the creators of the next generation universal marketing solution. Business Data Software provides revolutionary data integration & analyses, data storage management and multi-channel marketing delivery technologies for your business. By enabling integrated view and seamless collaboration of all your business sales, inventory, customer and other data from heterogeneous data sources, there is only ONE stop for all your data management, decision making and marketing initiatives delivery. And we feature simple but efficient interfaces, open and scalable architecture to integrate with your legacy or modern information systems to extract insights out of your data. By bridging across the islands of automation of your enterprise data information systems, we create the next-generation intelligent integrated business solutions to increase your ROI on those systems. Feel free to contact me for demo and more info about how we can make your data talk to each other and maximize the potential of your data.

  • Principal Software Engineer


    March 2015 – August 2018(3 years 5 months)North Hollywood

    Self-Protecting Digital Content (BD+), Secure Virtual Machine, Renewable DRM, Cryptography, Anti-Piracy Forensics, Digital Watermarking and Fingerprinting, Video Encoding and Streaming Blu-ray, UHD, H.264 & H.265, FFmpeg, DASH (HLS/MSS) Assembly, C/C++ (Visual C++, GCC), Java, Python, Node.js, Make AWS, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Hadoop, P2P network

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  • Senior Software Engineer


    September 2014 – February 2015(5 months)North Hollywood

    Self-Protecting Digital Content (BD+), Secure Virtual Machine, Renewable DRM, Cryptography, Anti-Piracy Forensics

  • Senior R&D Engineer


    May 2012 – September 2014(2 years 4 months)Burbank

    Video Encoding & Streaming, Audition & Casting Tools, Subtitles & Localization Editors R&D * IIS Smooth Streaming, Wowza, MPEG-DASH * Silverlight, C#, .Net * DRM * AWS

  • Senior BD-J Engineer


    May 2008 – May 2012(4 years)Burbank

    2D & 3-D Blu-ray Frameworks, Tools and Templates R&D Disney/Pixar & Fox Blu-ray Disc, Games and BDA Test Discs Authoring Solid understanding of Graphics2D, PBP, HAVi, DAVIC, DVB, MHP, Blu-ray Spec & API with implementation expertises in: BD-J Frameworks, 3-D Scripting framework, Emulator, BD-J Verifier, UI Framework, Gallery Framework, Game Programming, Security & BD-Live. iTunes Extra, iTunes LP Authoring, R&D (WebKit, DHTML/CSS/JavaScript) Awards: Excellent Service Awards for pioneer works in Disc Unbound solution.

  • Principal Software Engineer

    Sun Microsystems

    October 2006 – May 2008(1 year 7 months)

    * Architected, designed and implemented Business Integration & B2B solution based on J2EE, LDAP, NetBeans Platform and GlassFish AppServer.

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  • Senior Software Architect

    Safeway Inc.

    2001 – 2006

    * Chief architect and developer of ePOS Java Marketing Platform. * Led and mentored a group of technical staff on Java, J2EE & C/C++. * Provided leadership for complex infrastructure design & deployment * Been instrumental in the development of an infrastructure strategy for the integration of data & applications on diverse systems. * Been adaptive to new changes in technologies such as Open source ones. * I was also the architect & lead developer for various projects: . Multi-threaded service-oriented applications . Business intelligence marketing solutions . Enterprise data integration solutions . High-performance loyalty club card systems . Smart wireless shopping cart . Real-time coupon system . Perpetual one-to-one marketing system . Data mining and data storage & management . Fuel Systems . Identity and Access Management & LDAP . integration

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  • Senior Software Engineer

    ABCS/ePOS Marketing

    1999 – 2001

    * Designed and implemented the first Java Marketing Platform in the world running on IBM 4690 Point of Sales Platform (with 32MB RAM and no hard drive) based on JDK 1.1. The ePOS Marketing Solution software was acquired by Safeway Inc in 2001.


  • Peking University

    MS, Meteorology/Numerical Modeling

    GuangHua Scholarships Awarded

  • UC Irvine

    MS, Earth System Sciences

    UCI Fellowships Awarded

  • UC Irvine

    MS, Parallel and Distributed Computing

    Activities and Societies

    Parallel and Distributed Computing

Skills & Expertise

  • Game Programming
  • Numerical Modeling
  • SQL Server
  • C & C++
  • Advertising & Marketing Systems
  • AWS
  • Emulator & Simulator
  • JavaScript
  • Mobile Technology
  • XML
  • Distributed Systems
  • Scala
  • C# .Net
  • J2EE, J2SE, J2ME
  • Eclipse
  • Cassandra
  • Distributed Databases
  • Data & System Optimization
  • GoF Patterns
  • Unix
  • Business Integration
  • Software Architecture and Design
  • IBM 4690 Point of Sales Systems
  • LAMP
  • Business Intelligence
  • Blu-ray
  • Data Mining
  • 3-D(Stereoscopic)
  • In Store Systems, Marketing and Solution
  • IBM Websphere
  • Data Structure and Algorithm
  • High Performance Distributed Computing
  • DRM
  • Silverlight
  • DB2
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • Android
  • Parallel Computing
  • Business Data Software
  • Software Engineering
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Java
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Hadoop
  • Data & Database Architect
  • Interactive TV
  • Oracle
  • SQL


  • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform

    Sun Microsystems, License

    January 2000

  • IBM Certified Specialist for OOAD and UML

    IBM, License

    October 2000

  • IBM Certified Solution Developer for WebSphere

    IBM, License

    October 2000

  • IBM Certified Enterprise Developer for WebSphere

    IBM, License

    November 2000