BalltoWin recently introduced funny koozies and cool koozies on their website:

The company felt there was a gap in the market for uniquely designed koozies with sports related themes and motifs. Most koozies or “can coolers” are plain or they may feature a famous logo or phrase. Very few of them display a lot of effort or quality in their design.

BalltoWin has graphic designers that spend hours on each design and truly care about making something of value. For example, take at look at their recent “Splash Brothers” koozie:

BalltoWin splash brothers Koozie
The “Splash Brothers” are Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. These two players are the All Star guards for the Golden State Warriors. Because they are two of the most prolific three point shooters of all time, they earned the nickname the “Splash Brothers”. This refers to when the ball goes through the net it being a “splash”. 

So, BalltoWin created a unique art piece showing Steph and Klay shooting into a hoop surrounded by splashes of water. 

You can find more unique and funny koozies like this at the BalltoWin Shop

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