San Diego is home to many employment agencies. That is a good thing, as it generally means the job market is strong and able to sustain a number of “employment agencies San Diego“. At PureBold, we believe the future of San Diego business is strong. There exists a great combination of small, medium, and large size businesses in a variety of sectors from high tech to biotech to manufacturing and everything in between. We’ve seen exciting developments like Apple putting an office in San Diego, and with UCSD as the 8th ranked engineering school in the country, developments like that will only continue.

Our job as an employment agency is to facilitate the process of a San Diego business acquiring key new employees. We consult with companies in the area who are in need of new talent, and we pride ourselves on learning what their exact needs are. Then, with a great understanding of what type of person will add the most value to a business, we go find that person in the market. The tricky part is, we also have to find someone who is available, enthusiastic about the opportunity, and who will also benefit greatly from the opportunity. We want win-win situations. That’s the only way to create sustainable growth. Otherwise, especially in this tight market, candidates will be looking for the next opportunity before they’ve even made an impact at the new company.

San Diego may be underrated in terms of its job market, especially in the tech sector. Multiple large companies call San Diego home, including Illumina and Qualcomm. Apple recently put in a new building in the La Jolla UTC area as well. Not to mention countless tech companies that have offices in the Sorrento Valley and North County San Diego area in general. There is a thriving tech community (Walmart Labs and GoPro recently added offices in Carlsbad as well), with UCSD as one of its personnel sources. UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering routinely finds itself ranked in the top 10 among all U.S. engineering schools. Many super sharp software developers and engineers come out of this school. Tech companies know this. All that being said, San Diego has developed into a competitive and growing job market. Even with ample talent, the balance is currently tilted in favor of the candidates. There are not enough candidates to go around for every open position. Companies are fighting over the best candidates and that makes staffing a great opportunity but also a challenge.

When analyzing different “Employment Agencies San Diego” it’s important to choose one that fits you. PureBold is about genuine relationships. We want win-win-win situations. That means candidate wins, the client wins, and PureBold wins. That’s the only way this thing works. Some agencies don’t emphasize the candidate or client winning as much as they focus on their own winning. We believe that the more we serve and make you happy, the more we will do well in the long run as well.