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Why Choose PureBold

We Care the Most

We treat recruiting for your business as if we are recruiting for our own business. Long term relationships matter to us and we care about making you happy.

Low Fees

We only charge a 15% fee for a permanent placement, which is below the average of 20% or more. PureBold operates with low overhead and lower margins.

Excellent Recruiting

PureBold works quickly and tenaciously to find you the people you need. We don’t wait for people to come to us, we go to them and make sure your opportunity is presented to plenty of candidates.

We Get to Know You

PureBold insists on in-depth consultations and excellent communication with clients so that we can understand what you want and need. Knowing your business and your needs is fundamental to us being able to find you the people to meet those needs.

Business Perspective

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and passionate business people, PureBold understands not just how to recruit, but business in general. We possess a holistic perspective on business and not just a myopic focus on staffing.

Service Mentality

PureBold believes in putting our clients and candidates first. If we don’t serve you, we don’t exist. We don’t have an ego or put our own interests above the interests of our clients or candidates. We believe in doing the right thing.

We Charge Just 15% Fees.

PureBold only charges 15% on permanent placement. Industry standard is 20%-30%. Contact us today to get started:

We’ve worked with some great companies already. We think you should join them in your quest for top talent.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We believe in keeping things simple and keeping the main thing the main thing. That means learning about what/who you need and then finding those people/solutions for you as fast as possible. Everything else is just noise.

Initial Consultation

Preferably a one hour meeting where we learn about your business and what personnel needs you have. We can also talk about terms and what our agreement on services/fees looks like.

We Go to Work

Once you’ve helped us understand what you need, we will go to work in finding it. This requires no effort from you. Just sit back and wait for us to send you candidates. In this stage we will be contacting, screening, and interviewing candidates on your behalf.

You Interview & Hire

Once we send you a few super qualified candidates who are already keen on joining your company, you will interview them and decide if you want to hire them.

"PureBold was a pleasure to deal with. They work fast and got us the people we needed with no problems. I know I can trust and depend on them and that's unfortunately rare but crucial when hiring."

Director of Software Engineering