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Eddie Zhu

  • A lifelong learner, Software Engineer at Whova
  • San Diego, California, United States
  • Computer Software


University of California, San Diego, Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science



Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Python, PHP, Computer Science, C++, and Eclipse. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Computer Science from University of California, San Diego.


  • Software Engineer


    October 2014 – Present(5 years)Lusk Blvd

    – Marketing Tool Development 1) Automatic Software for internal use 2) Data Analysis.(MySQL) – Third Party API Integration – Web Development – Back-end algorithm optimization – Sales enablement automation


  • University of California, San Diego

    Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science



  • English

    Professional working proficiency

  • Chinese

    Native or bilingual proficiency


  • A Photo A Day

    January 2014

    A easy to store your photo online with location information, tags and time ordering, by using MongoDB/node.js/HTML5/JavaScript.

    Team Members (2):
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Mark Chen
  • Digital Vision Screening

    October 2014

    Design and update a digital vision screening system that identifies children with potential eye problems and provides comprehensive vision care for preschoolers. The system should be easy to use and provide immediate, and accurate, results without having to inconvenience the children. Image Analysis (Back-End) The primary focus of the image analysis team will be to collect, organize, and utitlize a set of photos for testing purposes. This is because a larger variety of photos are needed to improve the eye-detection algorithm’s accuracy, as well as to confirm the accuracy of the disease-detecting algorithm. GUI Team The GUI team will be working towards getting the coordinates of the pupil detection and displaying it on the cropped photos via the pupil detection page. Additonally, the team will work to make the user-interactive function of creating a circle on the user interface communicate its coordinates to the back-end. And, lastly, effort will be put into making the GUI more intuitive for users who may not have a technical background. Hardware Team The primary focus of the hardware team is to collect more photos for analysis. Further attempts at constructing a camera bracket that centers the camera lens will be made, however, use of the current bracket to get more photos with the red-eye effect is the top priority. Client Save Our Children’s Sight works closely with the Shiley Eye Center to provide an unprecedented model for community health by overcoming barriers to care for the underserved. Save Our Children’s Sight accomplishes it’s mission of providing low-income children aged 2-6 the vision they need to succeed in life by identifying, treating, and preventing vision disorders.

    Team Members (11):
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu
  • Its all about the kids mobile web app

    January 2014

    A web app for user to donate money to “It’s All About the Kids” though mobile web app. The intended audience of our design will be people who use smart phones and are willing to help underprivileged children by donating money to the organization. Our client’s main concerns about the mobile applications is that it should be cost-efficient and have a mobile friendly design. The end-users payment methods to the organization include a routing a bank account, credit or debit card, and maybe some other possible methods. Our client needs a mobile-friendly fundraising app for the organization Its All About the Kids. Most of the features that she needs for the app can be addressed through programming and software developing technology. The client’s resources are limited. The main resources for this project include our client’s developers, our team SMYLE, the Global ties teams in the future quarters, and herself. The most important information and resources we need for the design are already on the client’s web page, which reduces the cost of the project. There are many existing fundraising apps available that we can get insights from. Also, there are quick payment methods such as Scan and Pay via QR Code, and credit cards available to use.

    Team Members (5):
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu
  • VideoMob

    August 2014

    VideoMob is a new take on the photo booth. It invites users to record a video portrait to be instantly combined into a dynamic crowd. It can be used to document guests at a party, going beyond still photographic portraits by allowing users to dance, wave, and even leave a message. We are exploring how VideoMob can create virtual communities by leaving video booths in semi-permanent locations enabling strangers to include their video among a crowd. Hopefully this will establish a stronger connection among strangers, hopefully enabling an actual relationship to form out of the virtual one.

    Team Members (3):
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu
  • P.O.R.T Wine Application

    March 2013

    A windows application helping users to manage the inventory of their wine collection. Tracing the low price wine in market.

    Team Members (9):
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Jason Zidong Jiang,
    • Wen Qin,
    • Zonglin Wu,
    • Xunzhe Xu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Eddie Zhu,
    • Nikhil Rashinkar,
    • Eddie Zhu

Skills & Expertise

  • OCaml
  • Computer Science
  • Matlab
  • JavaScript
  • Eclipse
  • C#
  • English
  • Python
  • Web Development
  • Linux
  • PHP
  • C
  • Django
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • Prolog
  • HTML
  • Software Engineering
  • Java
  • C++ Language
  • Software Development
  • SQL
  • Assembly Language

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Cleaner

    Beach Angels Santa Barbara

    2011 – 2012Environment

    The Beach Angels are a volunteer non-profit group in Santa Barbara who have decided to meet on the weekends at the Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, CA, to clean their local beach. Since much of the dangerous plastics and man-made trash are hidden at high tide, they always meet at low tide. With the help of their team, the Beach Angels have cleaned and hauled many objects out of the sand which are usually half-buried. Among the usual cigarette butts, plastic bottles, and soda cans, they have also found several harmful items such as fishing lines, ropes, cell phone pieces, fiberglass boat pieces, tons of styrofoam, clothing, in which young dolphins can get stuck, tons of nylon boat ropes, electrical cords, foam from boat cushions, and gunshot shells. Every weekend, on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when low tide is – since that is the best time to get the most trash off the beach – they gather and work at the tide line for about 300 yards, cleaning an average of 50 – 100 lbs. So far, they have removed over 4 tons of trash from just a 300 yard stretch of the beach. Can you believe that? By keeping a record of what they have done, the Beach Angels hope to be able to spread the awareness toward solving the trash problem in the Pacific Ocean. Times and dates for upcoming clean ups are posted on their wall and messaged to people who join the group. Despite the fact that they are focused on a little piece of the large West Coast shoreline, the Beach Angels are working hard on their idea, “One hour, one beach, once a week,” so that they can present it to other City Colleges all along the California Coast. Together, WE WILL MAKE A CHANGE!