Darnel Smith

  • Senior Graphic Designer at Sevris Designs
  • Spring Valley, California, United States
  • Graphic Design

Previous positions

  • Contracted Designer at FitDeck, Inc.
  • Contracted Designer at Knight Mediacom


Platt College-San Diego, Bachelor of Science , Graphic Design and Multimedia



As a freelance graphic designer, I created Sevris Designs in 2000 to be a graphic design agency that achieves outstanding results by creating visually dynamic graphic design, videos and powerful websites for a competitive marketplace. I create without boundaries. Working hard to be a pioneer and free thinker, eager to elevate your advertising requirements to a new pinnacle in achievement and creativity.


  • Senior Designer

    Sevris Designs

    2000 – PresentGreater San Diego Area

    Design and production of: Brand Development: Logo design Identity packages Brochures, Flyers & Mailers Product Design & Layout: CD and DVD layout Books & Games Exercise cards Web Marketing: Web design Web promotional Direct marketing collateral Online banners & E-mail campaigns Creative Print Products & Services: Publications Newsletters QR Creation Presentation folders Sell sheets Signage: Printed Signs and banners Interior Vinyl signage- ADA Compliant, Menus boards, Directory, Etc. Exterior Vinyl signage- Business, Site sign, Banners, Etc. Window & Door Graphics Vehicle Wraps Speciality Design: T-shirt & Tattoo designs Custom Indoor/Outdoor murals Hand painted signage Working with companies such as: FitDeck Inc., Tapioca Express, Yogurtland, Suma Finacial Solutions, JSB & Associates, Revolt Media, City Electric Works, Tazablanca Restaurant, Touch or Arnica, Fit Kids, Hilltop Church, Garden Fresh, Mambos Cuban Food, NPS Plumbing and Kaufmans Painting.

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  • Contracted Designer

    FitDeck, Inc.

    2004 – 2017

    Collaborate with Revolt Media to create all FitDeck products including; over forty-five decks of exorcise cards, web design, web and print promotional, video shooting and editing to correspond with each FitDeck deck of cards. Pamphlets, Iphone application images. Work closely with FitDeck CEO creating all FitDeck products, design layout of entire line of FitDeck products and website. All web-related marketing including email blasts, creation of holiday banners and headers. Video Shoot and editing of video footage to create promotional video for T.V. Show, “The Apprentice” auditions for the CEO of FitDeck Inc. FitDeck Illustrations along with Phil Black (FitDeck CEO), also seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

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  • Contracted Designer

    Knight Mediacom

    2005 – 2006San Diego

    DVD Authoring – Chapterization of movies, DVD labels and wrap arounds, folded inserts and sell sheets to advertise the release of the KMI licensed DVD’s. Design CD / DVD layouts, voice over packaging design, all print and video projects,in studio photography and image enhancement and photo color correction. Voice over Demo’s – Collaborating with the client to create Logos, CD cover jackets, CD label, with accompanying postcards and business cards. In studio photo shoot with Professional Baseball Player/San Diego Padres Commentator Jerry Coleman Print work – Flyers and other printable work for KMI Studios.


  • Platt College-San Diego

    Bachelor of Science , Graphic Design and Multimedia

    2001 – 2004

    Activities and Societies

    • VP of the Platt College Student Association • Head of the Platt College Tutoring Committee • Deans List 2002 & 2003

  • Southwestern College

    Graphic Design and Fire Science

    1997 – 2001


  • The Good and Hard Times in L.A.

    Xlibris Corporation

    September 2011

    I was contracted to create the illustrations for the book. Each chapter had an image that illustrated that specific chapter in a nutshell. The author and I created all the images from scratch. Meaning, he had all the characters and items that would be in each seen shot against a green screen and then we would build the image from scratch. It was very challenging and lot of fun.

    Authors (2):
    • Darnel Smith,
    • Darnel Smith


  • FitDeck Exercise Cards


    I was contracted to create the FitDeck look and feel that has become its signature style that can now be seen in over 45 decks of exercise cards now. I focused on the illustrations for the decks. Creating hundreds of character illustrations myself. While my partner Josh Fleming created the layout of content and packaging for all FitDeck decks of cards.

    Team Members (2):
    • Darnel Smith,
    • Josh Fleming
  • City Electric Works Website

    July 2013

    Create website to promote all the experience and services that City Electric Works has provided for over thirty years now. The initial site had a sea and surf style that the president of the company wanted to update to a more modern and professional look.

    Team Members (1):
    • Darnel Smith
  • Firmament The Resolve


    Create an informational site for a client who wanted to not only educate people about the Firmament but also the origins of life, religion and spoken word. Create the space idea by working closely working with the author of the site, due to my lack of Firmament knowledge. I also needed to create a “Question and Answer” page so he could correspond with people interested in his philosophies. They could pose questions and possibly spark debate with other interested people. This was a cool project, I loved creating the space header.

    Team Members (2):
    • Darnel Smith,
    • Darnel Smith
  • JSB & Associates


    With my partner Josh Fleming, we created this site to promote the services of this full tax services company. I created the entire layout design, while my partner handled all the back end coding.

    Team Members (2):
    • Darnel Smith,
    • Josh Fleming
  • University City High School

    August 2012

    Create full size posters that honor University City High School Alumni that have performed exceptionally on a national and/or international level. Including; Olympic Gold medalist, working at NASA on Mars Rover, Professional Football player for the Jets and Packers, Blue Angels pilot to name a few. The goal is to inspire the next generation of U.C. High Students. To make sure that their reach exceeds their grasp.

    Team Members (1):
    • Darnel Smith
  • “Laughing in the Wind” DVD Mini Series

    2005 – 2006

    The “Laughing in the Wind” movies were originally a fifty part mini series call the “Magic Swords of Ling”. My job was to break them down into chapters for the DVD format, name the chapters and create all the packaging. This included full DVD jackets, two sided folded inserts, DVD labels, sell sheets and images for online promotion. Each DVD set had two disks and a folded insert that gave a brief description of the episodes included in that set. I enjoyed working on this project. The owner of KMI gave me freedom to create. I felt like we were able to come up with a strong and powerful product.

    Team Members (1):
    • Darnel Smith
  • The Good & Hard Times in Los Angeles

    2009 – 2012

    Create story images for the book, from scratch that correspond with that specific chapter in the book. All the characters and objects were captured on a green screen and then images were created with the direction of the author. This was a very challenging project for me. The author was changing the race of people, their arms, heads hands, clothes, shoes, etc. It was a real test of my Photoshop skills. I enjoyed working on this project and with the author.

    Team Members (2):
    • Darnel Smith,
    • Darnel Smith
  • Bug Button Products


    Create Bug Button logos for all four products. These logos were used on all the packaging and website to promote the products. The owner wanted the characters to have a comical feel. On top of that, I wanted to add a scrubby look to give them that loser pest feel.

    Team Members (2):
    • Darnel Smith,
    • Josh Fleming
  • In MacArther Park DVD

    2005 – 2006

    Like the Laughing in the Wind mini series I had to break this movie down into chapters for the DVD format, name the chapters and create all the packaging. This included full DVD jacket, DVD label, sell sheet and images for online promotion. This movie was raw, interesting and very gritty. The images that came with the movie for us to work with were limited, but I felt we came up with an idea that stayed true to the original feel of the movie.

    Team Members (1):
    • Darnel Smith
  • Suma Financial Solutions


    Working with my partner Josh Fleming again on this one, we created this site to promote the full tax and insurance services Suma Financial Solutions offered. I created the entire layout design, while my partner handled all the back end coding.

    Team Members (2):
    • Darnel Smith,
    • Josh Fleming
  • Los Tres Pedros Website


    Design complete layout and design of website, promoting the restaurant and the catering that they offered.

    Team Members (1):
    • Darnel Smith
  • Tapioca Express


    Create storefront signage and employee name tags.

    Team Members (1):
    • Darnel Smith
  • Yogurtland


    Create storefront signage.

    Team Members (1):
    • Darnel Smith
  • Garden Fresh Grill and Smoothie


    Create store front signage

    Team Members (1):
    • Darnel Smith

Skills & Expertise

  • Advertising
  • Layout
  • Rebranding
  • Brochures
  • Graphic Design
  • marketing materials
  • Banners
  • ImageReady
  • Communication
  • Flash
  • Illustrator
  • Illustration
  • Artwork
  • Photography
  • Art Direction
  • Graphics
  • Print Collateral
  • Logo Design
  • Flyers
  • qr codes
  • Branding & Identity
  • emails promos
  • Microsoft Office
  • Digital Marketing
  • Corporate Identity
  • Marketing
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • InDesign
  • Packaging
  • creative arts
  • typography
  • Photoshop
  • Image Editing
  • Catalogs
  • Lightroom
  • Painting
  • Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Image Manipulation
  • Magazine Design
  • Identity Development
  • Business Cards
  • Brand Development
  • Artistic Vision
  • banner design
  • retail design
  • Vector Illustration
  • Email Marketing

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Co Curator

    Writerz Blok

    1998 – 2003Arts and Culture

    In 1999, illegal graffiti was a problem in San Diego. After commissioning several local artists for a community mural project, the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation learned that most of the defacement was done by youth looking for a place to express themselves. The decision was made to start a program aimed at steering the youth away from illegal vandalism and towards learning all forms of Urban Arts, in a safe environment. As Co Curator with a small group of like minded artists that wanted to give back to the arts, we saw a reaccuring theme with a large group of San Diegos youths and felt that they needed an alternative to street life and the pitfalls that come with it. And so, Writerz Block” was born. Writerz Blok History”Graff Creek” started as a nomadic graffiti art program held at sites throughout the neighborhood. It had a following of over 300 youth who volunteered their time and efforts to build the program into a community art center. A year later, Graff Creek became Writerz Blok. Three years after that, a half-acre facility was donated to the program, including office space and a large yard for an open-air art park. What began as a unique approach to prevent gang-related graffiti is now one of the country’s most innovative youth art programs. Writerz Blok is a safe and creative space that encourages artistic expression and entrepreneurial exploration while providing an opportunity for shaping a healthy and fulfilling future, instead of the pitfalls of street life that may lead to trouble with law. Working to establish partnerships with local arts institutions including the Museum of Contemporary Art and the San Diego Museum of Art, Writerz Blok is now helping bring this art form to new and more traditional arts audiences. This important work is raising awareness, increasing respect, and achieving more wide spread appreciation for graffiti as a legitimate and museum-worthy art form.

  • Mural Curator

    Adopt-A-Block San Diego

    2001Arts and Culture

    The Adopt-A-Block program is designed to bring beauty and cleanliness to an area that might not have resources to get it done without some outside help. This includes unwanted graffiti clean up, weeds and trash, derelict cars, etc. and of course the murals to help beautify the neighborhood. I was asked to help with the layout of a mural on a wall over 200′ long that other volunteers would help paint. For my assistance with the program, I was given 50′ for an underwater mural that I did with an another artist and participant in the Adopt-A-Block Program.

  • Mural Curator

    Adopt-A-Block San Diego

    2002Arts and Culture

    Because of the the good response from the year before, I was asked to return the following year and help with the creation of a mural that would be open to the public to paint once I laid out the basic premise. I was also asked to create the T-Shirt design that would be given out to all the participants of the program as well as promote the various companies that had generously donated to the cause.

Causes Darnel cares about:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Civil Rights and Social Action
  • Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Science and Technology