Looking for a Christian TShirt? Hopefully we can help you on your quest. Christian tshirt’s come in a variety of styles, but there are a few universal points to consider before purchasing.

First of all what exactly constitutes a “Christian tshirt“? Is it just the message, such as a Bible verse? Or does the company and cause behind it matter? At PureBold, we think both components matter. After all, a non-Christian company could put Bible verses on a shirt. But what if the company is unethical? Is that still a shirt you want to purchase and a business you want to support? At PureBold we focus on designing clothes with Godly messaging, quality materials, and donate 10% of profits directly to Christian missionaries. Here are a few examples of our “Christian TShirts” that contain Christian themes:


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Here are the main factors that we believe you should consider when purchasing a Christian Tshirt:

1) Cause: Does this Christian clothing brand support a cause that you believe in? For example, many Christian tshirt companies give some percentage of profits to the Church. You can look in more detail at their mission on their website, or even send an email to the company asking for details on how they donate. A cause isn’t necessarily essential or required, but it can be a deciding factor for many buyers.

2) Garment Quality: This refers to how well the Christian t-shirts, hats, or other items are made. We chose to put this factor above styling, because if the garment isn’t comfortable and long-lasting, it is basically worthless. You may have to try a garment before you can truly experience the quality, but product pages should tell you about the materials. Premium cotton varieties like rung spun cotton or combed cotton are better than basic cotton. They have been treated to make them stronger and softer. These are the type of materials we use on all PureBold products because we want them to be your favorite items and we know that starts with a great fit and fabric feel.

For example, our PureBold Long Body Urban tee is made with 100% airlume combed and ring-spun cotton. This is a super premium cotton that will feel especially soft to the touch.

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