Christian T Shirts¬†remain a fantastic way to represent and share your faith with the world. When you wear a t-shirt containing God’s Word or a Christian theme, you are practicing Christian ministry. God uses these items to reach people for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christian t shirts can be especially useful for enabling conversations about God. If you are wearing a Christian t-shirt, someone has the opportunity to approach you and ask you about God. You have already indicated you are open to that topic since you were bold enough to wear the tee in the first place. In that sense, the Christian clothing has a two pronged effect: 1) Whatever message or Bible verse the t-shirt has may impact someone who simply reads it, and 2) The Christian shirt may be a conversation starter and opportunity creator so that the wearer can share the Gospel with someone.

Also, something to consider when you buy a Christian t-shirt or Christian clothing in general, is where the money goes. Some companies or individuals selling Christian shirts may not actually be Christian, as sad as that may seem. At PureBold, our staff is genuinely Christian. Not that this is proof of someone’s faith, but we were raised in the church, went to Christian Universities, and even majored in Biblical Studies. That’s why, at the core, the PureBold mission is to spread the Gospel. Clothing is an instrument for God’s hands and that mission. 10% of all profits, if not more, go directly to Christian ministries and missionaries. When you buy a shirt, you may feel better knowing that a portion will go directly to ministry. Don’t be afraid to inquire or ask about this subject. One of the ways we can significantly impact the world for Christ is with how we spend money. Here are some of our Christian t-shirt options:

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Of course, when it comes to apparel and Christian apparel, style and “look” is always important. Despite the fact that it is a tool that can be used for ministry, you ought to still feel confident and happy with what you are wearing. PureBold’s first product line attempts to capture classic styles such as plain cotton tees, striped cotton tees, etc. These are premium “basics” that look good with anything and have a timeless appearance. However, you may want to make a statement with a Bible verse t-shirt, for example. PureBold will be releasing Christian t shirts with Biblical themes very soon. Our goal will be to make shirts that are stylish, Biblical, and comfortable to wear.

PureBold’s Christian t shirts are all made from premium materials such as combed cotton. Combed cotton receives treatment so that imperfect strands are removed and the result is a stronger, softer fabric. This fabric will actually get better with age instead of worsening after being washed. PureBold shirts are also cut in a modern, slim fit way that is not baggy and unflattering. You will feel confident wearing our Christian t because they are stylish and form fitting. Some customers report that their husband or wife is very happy with the way the shirts flatter their spouse’s figure, as silly as that may sound. The right fitting shirt can make all the difference compared to cheap, baggy materials.

So, when you’re shopping for Christian shirts online, don’t get sucked in just by the design or graphics. Before you invest a significant amount, make sure the t-shirt has nice material and fits you properly. Also, it’s a good idea to start with a shirt you already have and love, and look for something similar. If you live in a very warm climate, make sure you opt for breathable fabrics like 100% cotton. If you like t-shirts with a super soft feel, you might prefer a cotton/polyester blend like our Marble Crew Tee.

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