Searching for Christian T Shirts Online? This article serves as an overview on what you should look for and what factors must be considered. First, let’s define a Christian t-shirt: It must either visually display Christian elements (such as Bible verse t-shirts or a cross) or be used to benefit the Christian church in some way. For example, at PureBold we sell a number of “plain” clothes with no overt Christian message, but all sales benefit Christian missionaries and churches. We still consider our shirts to be Christian for that reason, however normally you would expect a shirt that has Christian imagery or words. When examining Christian t shirts online, consider these main four factors:

  1. T-Shirt Fit: How good is a Christian t-shirt if you can’t wear it because it’s too big, too small, or simply uncomfortable? Look for explanations on the website for how a shirt fits. Also, take one of your favorite t-shirts and measure it to find out what type of cut it is. You may look best in a slim fit shirt, or you may be someone who likes relaxed fit shirts. Generally, relaxed fit t-shirts are best if you’re trying to hide a few extra pounds. Slim fit shirts are excellent if you’re trying to show off your figure or muscles. PureBold shirts are slim-regular. Our t-shirts have a fitted cut that hugs the torso and arms but they are not super slim.

  2. Fabric: Like fit, fabric choice is integral when selecting a t-shirt. Cotton is the number one t-shirt fabric, as you may have guessed. But did you know that within cotton there are dozens of different grades and qualities? You can buy a t-shirt from a major manufacturer online only to find out that it’s actually rough and uncomfortable. At PureBold, we only use premium combed cotton. Combed cotton has been treated to make it softer and stronger. Compared to cheaper cottons, the soft feel and high quality is extremely noticeably upon first touch and when wearing. Make sure you look for premium cotton. Fabrics like polyester are often preferred for athletic activities because they do not retain moisture. Some people love a blend between cotton and polyester. The PureBold Marble Crew is a blend and it is extremely soft and comfortable. In general, make sure you are buying quality cotton because it will matter in the long run.

  3. Message: When shopping for Christian t shirts online, people are often looking for a certain message. They may just feel good wearing it or they may see the t-shirt as a tool for ministry. For example, a t-shirt with a Bible verse on it may impact the world for Christ. You may be surprised at the amount of conversations about the Gospel that are started because of the Christian t shirt someone is wearing. It does take courage to wear Christ focused t-shirts but it can be liberating when you face the fear and do it anyway. Many people struggle to ever start conversations with people, so a shirt can be a great way to break the ice.

  4. Where the Money Goes: Many Christian T Shirts online have some cause behind them. A portion of the sale is usually donated to a church or missionary. However, that is not the case with all companies and products, so you will want to check. At PureBold, we give 10% of all company profits to Christian churches and missionaries. It is basically a company wide tithe. So you can be confident then when you buy a PureBold product, a portion of your money is going directly to spreading the Gospel. Here are some of our products:

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