An increasing number of people search for “Christian Shirts Online“. The terms Christian and shirts can both be used fairly broadly, so in this article we will explore exactly what one may be looking for and where to find it.
First, are you looking for a particular type of design? Do you want a graphical tee and/or one with a Bible verse? PureBold offers some shirt varieties you may find appealing.
Also, be sure to consider the company behind the product. Are you concerned with where your money is going? Many people today prefer to shop from a company that “gives back”. In PureBold’s case, 10% of all profits go directly to supporting missionaries and The Church. Shop confidently knowing that when you buy Christian shirts online from PureBold, you help spread the Gospel as well.
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Also, make sure to consider the fabric quality of the Christian shirt you’re interested in. There are different levels of cotton from the cheap, rough feeling cotton to the softest, more expensive variety. PureBold uses only 100% premium combed cotton which has been combed to make the yarn softer and stronger. Combed cotton is stronger and softer because it has been treated to remove any impurities or imperfect strands. All of our shirts are also preshrunk to prevent shrinking when you wash the shirts. If you’re looking for graphical Christian t-shirts, PureBold will be releasing those in the coming months.

Additionally, besides fabric quality and feel, “fit” is probably the most important aspect to consider when being any shirt. A shirt may have the design that you want, but if it’s loose or too tight it is useless. You need a shirt that flatters your figure but is not too tight. Most PureBold shirts are cut with a slim/regular fit. This cut is somewhat slender in the mid-section but also has a long body. We hate shirts that are short and reveal the midsection when you bend over or raise your arms. PureBold Christian shirts will flatter your figure but are not so tight that they look silly.

When buying Christian shirts online you will have many options. Some may look better to you than others, but an important factor to consider is where the proceeds go. Some companies selling Christian shirts online may not really be Christian at their core. However, most Christian clothing companies do give a percentage of proceeds to the church or to missionaries. PureBold gives 10% of all company profits to Christian churches and missionaries. At the heart of our business is a desire to spread The Gospel and glorify the Father. We simply see business as a vehicle to do this, and clothing as a means to share The Gospel. So, you make want to confirm that the product you are buying goes to benefit the church in some way.

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