Christian clothing lines and “Christian clothes line” remain highly searched and prevalent on the Internet today. But how do you distinguish one from the other and what truly makes Christian clothing lines worth supporting? Here are a few factors to consider in your online shopping quest:


  1. Cause: We put this first, because we feel it’s the most important. With an increasing number of cause based clothing brands emerging, you will want to pick one that resonates with your personal values. For example, the fact that a Christian clothing line gives to missionaries may be appealing to you. At PureBold, we give 10% of all profits directly to Christian churches and missionaries. Some Christian clothing lines have a different emphasis in their giving. But, we recommend you find out if they give and who they give to. If you’re going to spend your hard earned money on new clothes, the more the company’s values align with yours the better. That way, you’re doing more than just buying new gear…you’re supporting a greater mission that you believe in. Most companies will have webpage on their website dedicated to this information. But, if they don’t, feel free to send them an email and ask.

  2. Look: Despite the fact that there’s a higher calling involved, you still have to like the way you look! This is clothing after all, and style never goes out of style. You will of course be looking for Christian clothing lines that capture your taste and give you options that you feel flatter your appearance. PureBold offers some premium basics but they are not super graphical in nature. We will be coming out with graphic tees soon. Other companies offer certain “cute” phrases like “Jesus and coffee” and you may like those. Also, something very important to consider is fit. It doesn’t matter how great the graphic is if the clothing doesn’t fit. Check for size guides or try buying one item before splurging and not knowing if the clothing is going to fit your body well.

PureBold Christian Clothes Line/Christian Clothing Lines Items:

Quality: Another factor to consider when analyzing different Christian clothing lines and Christian clothing brands, is the quality of their garments. This seems like common sense, but the reality is that quality can very significantly across items like T-shirts. Some tees or t-shirts are made with cheaper materials like basic cotton that has not been treated properly. We only use premium fabrics like combed or ring spun cotton. These fabrics have been treated to make them stronger and softer. We also incorporate fabrics like elastin to make items more flexible and comfortable. So, pay close attention to what materials items are listed as having, and even ask the company about the quality of their materials.