Factors to Consider in Selecting Christian Clothing


Christian clothing brands have grown in popularity online in recent years. This article explores what constitutes a Christian clothing brand and helps you decide who to purchase from. Many Christians want to support a company that shares their values and wear clothing with Christian themes. Trendy Christian t-shirts have emerged that combine fun, style, and Biblical messaging. PureBold will be releasing new Christian tees with that type of style soon. But, here are a few main things to consider when analyzing different Christian clothing brands:


1) Christian Clothing Style: Whether your clothing is secular or Christian, it has to look the way you want. If your clothes don’t please you aesthetically, you won’t feel comfortable wearing them and your mood may suffer. Wearing a shirt that makes you feel good can positively impact your life and the lives of others, as unbelievable as that may seem. So first and foremost make sure that you like the appearance of what you are purchasing. Different Christian clothing brands have different styles and looks. PureBold opts for a clean, simple aesthetic. But, you may be looking for a more complicated graphic tee. Search through the various online Christian clothing stores to find a style that matches yours.


2) Christian Message: One of the main reasons you are probably interested in Christian clothing is for the message it contains. You’re looking for a brand that shares your faith and common values. You want to essentially invest in something that you can connect with beyond the superficial level. Most people in the world buy clothes simply for the way they look or because they are a certain brand that they like. But in this case, you’re looking for more than that. So, we recommend that you check out the “Mission” page on any Christian clothing brand’s website. There should be some information somewhere explaining why they are in business and what their goals are as a company. This will help you determine if the brand shares your values. There is also the matter of the message itself on a Christian t-shirt for example. You may be looking for a Bible verse tee or something with Christian imagery like a cross or a dove. Obviously you can easily decide yourself on which shirt has the message you want to convey. But, overall, make sure the brand and the clothing reflects your views and hopefully a Biblical world view or you may not ultimately feel good wearing it.


3) Charitable Aspect: Many online shoppers today prefer to buy from a company that has a built in charitable cause. For example, a company may donate 10% of profits to saving the ocean. Christian clothing brands are no different in that respect. Most, if not all, possess some type of charitable cause tied to their business. The Gospel and the spreading of God’s Kingdom should be the foremost goal. You’ll want to confirm this and check their website for more details. Also, don’t be afraid to call or send an email to the company and ask them what cause they support or what their company purpose is.



Why PureBold Christian Clothing?


PureBold uses only super premium materials so that your clothes feel soft and last as long as possible. The last thing you want is to buy a Christian t-shirt online, only to find out it’s rough and low quality. We use 100% premium combed cotton for our shirts. Combed cotton has been treated to remove impurities and make it stronger. Here’s a look at some of our tees:



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PureBold is also a Christian clothing brand committed to the Gospel. We give 10% of all profits directly to Christian churches and missionaries that have devoted their lives to the spreading of God’s kingdom on Earth. We are attempting to combine business and faith in a way that provides the best quality goods for consumers but also glorifies God. You can read more on our Mission page.

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