In the busy world and Internet full of noise, an increasing number of people searching for clarity and truth. Nothing offers fundamental, absolute truth like the Bible. Bible verses images emerge as one way to absorb God’s word in a visual way. At PureBold, we post Bible verses images every single day to our Instagram.

The Bible provides truth, encouragement and positive conviction. What I mean by “positive conviction” is that you will become convicted in the sense that you will realize what you have been doing wrong. Compared to God’s perfect standard, none of us are successful or good. However, we are not meant to feel permanently guilty. The conviction that comes with realizing your error, leads you to needing the forgiveness that can only be found in Christ. It is positive conviction, because ultimately it leads you to becoming a better person and a person saved by the grace of God. Without the Bible, we would not be able to fully understand the error of our ways and the proper way to live. God’s word gives us instructions on how we are to be holy and conduct our lives. The basis of it all is love. To love God and to love other people. That is the foundation for the entire Christian faith.

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We upload a brand new, custom Bible verse image once per day. We also provide a short commentary on the verse. PureBold aims to use social media and the web in general to be a voice for Christ. We hope to encourage you in your walk with the Lord. Though it may seem trivial, even a one minute exposure to God’s Word throughout your Instagram session has an impact. It’s also a great way to introduce people to the Bible if you have friends and family you’d like to share the images with. Ultimately we all need much more in depth time in the Word and prayer time, but using social media to spread bits of the Word remains powerful.


The fact that you are searching for Bible verse images shows that you have a thirst for the Lord. Unbelievers don’t seek out God’s Word. So take heart in the fact that by having that desire, you are on the right path. Continue to pursue God and immerse yourself in His teaching. Even if your feelings don’t immediately reflect your thirst for God and depression seems to overwhelm you at times, just know that HE is with you. If you confess with your mouth and believe in your hear that Jesus is Lord, you will be saved. No matter what the world throws at you and the lies the devil tempts you with, continue to rest on God’s promises. Jesus’ promise of taking you into His kingdom if you will only follow Him and believe in Him has never changed. It never will change. You can trust God.


At PureBold we hope to help nourish you little daily reminders of God’s love for you and His plan for you. God’s wisdom and instruction is an endless sea of information. It’s not possible for us to truly grasp the entire Bible or even approach grasping God’s inner most being. We can only get glimpses in this life time. However, those glimpses are still unbelievably powerful. One momentary experience of God’s presence is greater than a lifetime immersed in the ways of the world. The world is empty. It can advertise pleasure and glamour on the surface, but once you dive in and stay long enough, it’s inevitable you will find it is empty. It doesn’t offer any lasting relief or contentment for your soul, because it can’t. God created you and only HE can fill the gap in your heart that sin creates. Only He can provide the forgiveness and peace that you seek. So keep seeking. Pray, ask, seek, and knock. Read the Word, do whatever you can to find Jesus. And He will be there. He stands at the door of your heart and knocks. Open the door and let Him in.


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Bible verses images Bible verses imagesBible verses images

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