Are you looking for the best Bible verse t shirts? There are a variety of manufacturers online that sell Christian t-shirts and t-shirts containing Bible verses. However, which ones are the best and what variables should you consider when purchasing?


First, all t-shirts and all Christian t-shirts are not created equal. It may be counterintuitive since you are looking for a certain design, but you still have to wear this t-shirt and it better be comfortable. There can actually be vast differences in quality among t-shirts and cotton materials. We have personally felt cotton t-shirts from major manufacturers that feel rough and terrible because they are made with low quality cotton. No matter how great the design on the shirt is, you don’t want to be stuck with an uncomfortable, low quality shirt. So, always look at the material and opt for manufacturers that use premium cotton. At PureBold, we only sell 100% premium combed cotton shirts. Combed cotton has been treated to be softer and stronger. When you feel our t-shirts, you will immediately notice the difference between them and cheap, low quality varieties.


Additionally, one of your main considerations when buying a t-shirts must be fit. A perfect fitting t-shirt can make a huge difference in your look and how others perceive you. One size too large or too small and you will not look your best. Look for tees that receive descriptions like fitted or tailored. In general, a shirt that has a more slender cut around the arms and torso will look better on most people. Cheaper t-shirts usually have no tapering and look baggy, sloppy when worn.