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Priyan Vaithilingam


Previous positions

  • Software Engineer Intern at Microsoft
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant at University of California San Diego


University of California San Diego, Master’s degree, Computer Science




I’m a Graduate Student in UCSD currently working under Prof. Philip Guo at the UCSD Design Lab. An aspiring researcher in Human-Computer Interaction concentrating on interactivity and interface design. Prior to this, I was a Research Fellow in Microsoft Research India, where I worked on accessibility of Programming Environments, a smarter walking cane for Visually Impaired people, a whole new way to search and interact with emails, and a safer asynchronous programming language.




  • English

    Full professional proficiency

  • Tamil

    Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Hindi

    Professional working proficiency


  • CodeTalk: Improving Programming Environment Accessibility for Visually Impaired Developers

    ACM SIGCHI 2018
    Authors (1):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam
  • Bespoke: Interactively Synthesizing Custom GUIs from Command-Line Applications By Demonstration

    UIST 2019
    Authors (1):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam


  • Smart Lock Screen for Android (B.Tech Project)

    June 2014 – December 2014

    Context based Smart Lock Screen for android which helps in better security and faster unlocking of the phone based on intelligent algorithm using various sensor data. (Nominated for Best BTP award).

    Team Members (2):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam,
    • Aravind Sagar
  • Battleship Game for Xbox Kinect using Ripple SDK

    The revival of classic board game, Battleship. This game uses the Microsoft Kinect Ripple SDK and a whole new dual projection screen-floor interaction model. Also uses A* search and probabilistic models for the computer gameplay.

    Team Members (1):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam
  • Pac-Minion 3-D Maze based AI Game using OpenGL andC++

    Made a 3-D game interface using OpenGL. AI for the ghosts. Three different AI (with increasing difficulty level) for automation of player (Computer vs Computer simulation).

    Team Members (2):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam,
    • Aravind Sagar
  • Enterprise Feedback Management

    Filtering, clustering of customer feedback to relevant categories.

    Team Members (1):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam
  • Pac-Minion

    The revival of the classic Pac-Man game in 3D. Introduces multiple game-play perspectives to the player. Also uses neural networks to enable Pac-Man continuously learn the game-play.

    Team Members (2):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam,
    • Aravind Sagar
  • Finding Similar Images using Earth Mover’s Distance

    Finding similar images using EMD as mentioned in the research paper by Yossi Rubner, Carlo Tomasi, and Leonidas J. Guibas, using MatLab. (Implemented the optimization code by ourselves)

    Team Members (2):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam,
    • Aravind Sagar
  • LALR (1) based XML Parser

    Made an LALR(1) Parser using Bison (Parser Generator) and FLEX (Scanner Generator).

    Team Members (2):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam,
    • Aravind Sagar
  • PSharp

    February 2017

    A safer Asynchronous Programming language.

    Team Members (1):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam
  • Microsoft Email Insights

    March 2016

    Bringing the features of Web search and familiarity of mobile-like UI to Email Search.

    Team Members (1):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam
  • CodeTalk : Improving Programming Environment Accessibility for visually Impaired Developers

    May 2017

    Novel ways to improve programming environment accessibility for Visually Impaired developers.

    Team Members (1):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam
  • SmartStick

    February 2017

    Using ML in IoT devices to add intelligence to walking cane to detect fall and gestures for visually impaired people.

    Team Members (1):
    • Priyan Vaithilingam

Skills & Expertise

  • Algorithms
  • Matlab
  • Core Java
  • JavaScript
  • Data Structures
  • Eclipse
  • C#
  • Python
  • Microsoft Office
  • Linux
  • VHDL
  • C
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Word
  • Programming
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Windows


  • Programming in C#

    Microsoft, License
  • MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional

    Microsoft, License

    September 2015

Honors & Awards

  • Microsoft Hackathon 2017, Worldwide 2nd place (Developer Category)


    August 2017

    For the project CodeTalk

  • National Entrepreneurship Challenge, 2nd place (on behalf of SESC, IIT Indore)

    IIT Bombay

    March 2015

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Causes Priyan cares about:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Services