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Preetha Ramakrishnan


Previous positions

  • Web Development Teaching Assistant at UC San Diego Extension
  • Staff Engineer at Qualcomm


Thinkful, Bootcamp, Full Stack Web Development




I am an full stack web developer who enjoys front-end web development using various Javascript libraries and frameworks like ReactJS, Bootstrap, Material UI. At the same time I can also work with backend tools like NodeJS, Mongo and MySQL. Coming from asoftware engineering background helped me ease into web development easily and am constantly amazed by the creative challenges thrown by this field. I am self-starter and a creative professional. Love designs that are simple and minimal, but at the same time create a big impact. I look for opportunities as a web developer where I can work alongside designers and other senior developers to bring life to their ideas. Portfolio : Feel free to reach me on


  • Full Stack Web Developer

    Freelance Web Development

    January 2017 – Present(2 years 9 months)Greater San Diego Area

    I am a full stack developer , but lean towards front-end roles and like to work with other UX/UI designers to bring their designs to life. I like to develop projects with utilitarian ideas using the Mongo/Express/React/Node stack preferably. But at the end of it all I am a javascript afficianado. On the side , I also redesign/develop websites using CMS for non-profits and small business owners that involves site research, creating mockups/wireframes, designing, development and deployment.

  • Web Developer/Admin

    America for Animals

    February 2017 – Present(2 years 8 months)Greater San Diego Area

    America for Animals is a great non-profit that I had the opportunity to work with. You get a lot of satisfaction while putting your skills to use for a passionate cause. Website :

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  • Web Development Teaching Assistant

    UC San Diego Extension

    May 2018 – October 2018(5 months)Greater San Diego Area

    ● Teach modern web development tools (e.g., javascript/jQuery, React, Node, MySQL, Express, Sequelize, and MongoDB) ● Work with the instructor before every class to review/plan the daily materials and activities and manage time. ● Engage with the students to resolve their questions related to curriculum and weekly assignments and provide feedback

  • Staff Engineer


    August 2006 – May 2015(8 years 9 months)Greater San Diego Area

    ● Lead the performance test team for windows drivers for 3+ years ● Delivered quality statistics for weekly build deliverable to Microsoft in exit reviews ● Mentored junior engineers to increase automated tests coverage in the python framework ● Oversaw scrums and project feature testing with project managers using agile tools like Kanban ● Succeeded in setting up and monitoring an offshore engineering team to deliver results round the clock ● As a senior engineer authored several automation scripts using C to evaluate touch screen drivers on phone ● Recognized with multiple Qualcomm awards for exceeding expectations and commitment towards project completion

  • Software Analyst

    Texas Instruments

    January 2006 – August 2006(7 months)

    • Design, document and execute testing of the next generation TI handheld device for classrooms. • Work closely with product managers and developers to assess feasibility of user requirements. • Participate in user research involving school teachers to gather information and develop usecases for classroom teaching.

  • QA Engineer


    July 2004 – December 2005(1 year 5 months)

  • Performance Engineer

    E2OPEN, Inc

    January 2004 – June 2004(5 months)

    Database management and performance testing of the E2Open backend system


  • Thinkful

    Bootcamp, Full Stack Web Development

    2018 – 2018

    Thinkful Full Stack Flex program focusses on designing and creating several capstone projects including dynamic single page/stand-alone applications using advanced front-end Javascript frameworks( eg: React) and backend (eg: NodeJS,MongoDB) . This program also enriches student by offering 1:1 mentorship with industry experts and wide resources to expand the learning.

  • San Diego Continuing Education

    Front end web development

    2016 – 2017

  • UC San Diego Extension

    Interaction Design Specialization, Human Computer Interaction

    2016 – 2017

    Human-Centered Design, Social Computing, Storyboarding, Wireframes, Research and Prototyping

  • San Diego Continuing Education

    Interactive Media Certificattion, Graphic Design, Animation, Audio-Video Editing, Web Design

    2015 – 2016

    Courses in this certification focus on giving an all-round exposure to all graphic and UI designing tools currently in the industry including but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver .

  • Illinois Institute of Technology

    MSEE, Wireless communication, VLSI

    2001 – 2003

  • University of Madras

    Bachelor of Science (BS), Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    Electrical engineering subjects including basic computer languages. Research project in audio communication using infrared technology

    Activities and Societies

    IEEE association, cultural day assistance


  • Hindi

    Professional working proficiency

  • Tamil

  • English

    Full professional proficiency

  • Spanish

    Elementary proficiency


  • Green Eats

    January 2018

    An application to search for vegetarian menus and veg-friendly restaurant by city. It searches recipes and restaurant from Edamam and Zomato to bring the results to the users. At the same time providing some interesting and fun facts about vegetarianism.

    Team Members (1):
    • Preetha Ramakrishnan

Skills & Expertise

  • Cross-functional Team Leadership
  • Git
  • JavaScript
  • Mobile Devices
  • JSON
  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • Python
  • Test Automation
  • jQuery
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • C
  • Debugging
  • Node.js
  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • mysql
  • C++
  • SASS
  • redux
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Agile Methodologies
  • User Experience
  • Testing
  • Software Development


  • Interaction Design Specialization

    UCSD -Coursera, License FM8C8N4HPUS8

    November 2016

  • Design Principles: an Introduction

    Coursera Course Certificates(UCSD), License A8PFQCXSHY82

    March 2016

  • Human-Centered Design: an Introduction

    (UCSD)-Coursera Course Certificates, License E9DMPYTSTVCD

    February 2016

  • Social Computing-UCSD

    (UCSD)-Coursera Course Certificates, License NXRXE5XXBMJL

    May 2016

  • Information Design-UCSD

    (UCSD)-Coursera Course Certificates, License EUFXX7DYHV75

    April 2016

  • Information Design

    Coursera Course Certificates, License EUFXX7DYHV75

    April 2016

  • Designing, Running, and Analyzing Experiments

    Coursera Course Certificates, License NVEMWY4AZGZH

    August 2016

  • Gulp.js, Git, and Browserify: Web Project Workflows

    LinkedIn, License

    September 2017

  • PHP with MySQL Essential Training (2013)

    LinkedIn, License

    September 2017

  • Learning ECMAScript 6

    LinkedIn, License

    September 2017

  • Ember.js Essential Training

    LinkedIn, License

    October 2017

  • JavaScript and JSON: Integration Techniques

    LinkedIn, License

    October 2017

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer

    December 2015Environment

    Participated in the preparation for and in the Climate March 2015 to support for 100% clean energy in San Diego and continue to participate in outreach activities either by assisting in social media activities or tabling in various events in the Greater San Diego area.

Causes Preetha cares about:

  • Environment
  • Human Rights