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Neha Doiphode


Previous positions

  • Software Engineering Intern – R&D Engineering Group ( Summer Internship ) at Greenlee
  • Academic Projects at San Diego State University


San Diego State University-California State University, Master of Science (MS), Computer Science




Programming languages: C, C++, Java (Core), Bash shell script, Javascript (Basic) SQL(PL/SQL,JDBC) Tools & Technologies: Gcc, G++, Gdb, Make Eclipse QC,Tosca ( Software Testing ), Informatica (Introductory),Business Objects (Introductory) VMWare, Oracle VM Virtual Box, Citrix Tera term, putty, x-term Web: HTML,CSS, XML, ASP.Net, JSP. Operating systems: Linux(Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian),Windows XP, 7, 8,Chrome OS Protocols: TCP/IP Protocol Suite, Ethernet,HTTP, FTP, RTP, PTP, NTP.


  • Software Development Engineer


    July 2015 – Present(4 years 3 months)Greater San Diego Area

    Roles and Responsibilities:- 1. Analyze a software based on software requirements and design. 2. Create design, test specification documents, software impact analysis, and deliver software solutions of highest quality. 3. Work in hard and soft real time domain with complex hardware interfaces and various communication protocols (TCP/IP, Ethercat, Profinet) 4. Develop code for a distributed control system. Coding involves programming in different languages (C++, Python) on different OS environments (Linux variants). 5. Conform to the approved Software Development Process and the Program Development Process 6. Utilize knowledge to design software for large complex multi-processor systems. 7. Articulate the design decisions and implementations made to management and customers.

  • Student Library Assistant

    San Diego State University

    August 2014 – Present(5 years 2 months)Student Computing Center, Love Library, San Diego State University

    Student assistant – Student Computing Center Role and Responsibilities:- 1. Help students in completing assigned class work,process completions such as library pin creation,password resets and changes. 2. Provide assistance to students having computer problems relating to the internet,wireless, course specific software, file transfers, PC & Mac Operating Systems, and Microsoft Office software. 3. Provide wide support to assist students with computer problems relating to their university email accounts ,information and help, online information access support, web page creation and troubleshooting, and virus protection.

  • Roles and Responsibilities:- 1. Enhance a device driver for a Master controller or a wireless bridge adapter to perform operations such as read, write,interrupt handlling of gpio pins. Also implemented an application programming interface(API) (wrapper around the driver) to provide abstract view of basic driver functions to the user. 2. Develope a command line simple application to handle gpio read write commands given by user. User was expected to pass a gpio pin number and an operation to perform as command line arguments to the application. Result of the operations performed was co-ordinated with LED’s on the bridge adapter device. Technologies used: Eclipse, Linux Debian 32-bit, Oracle VM Virtual Box, Tera term 4.83

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  • Academic Projects

    San Diego State University

    January 2014 – May 2014(4 months)Department of computer science

    Spatial Database Management ( Oracle SQL,Java 1.7 Swing,AWT) Jan 2014 – May 2014 Development of a complex picture using concepts of Spatial databases and ORDBMS using Oracle Spatial and Java Swing,AWT.

  • Associate Software Engineer


    December 2011 – July 2013(1 year 7 months)Pune Area, India

    Roles and Responsibilities:- 1. Involve in assignments based on Automation functional Testing-Design and Execution 2. Handle Release Testing activities such as test planning,Test Data Creation,Automation test script development and optimization, 3. Defect management and coordination, Application migration and analysis 4. Strategize and prioritize work effectively to accomplish multiple tasks on time,increasing the team’s productivity Technologies worked on: HP’s Quality Center, Tricentis’s Tosca.

  • Intern


    August 2010 – May 2011(9 months)Pune Area, India

    Roles and Responsibilities:- 1. Design and Develop a faster protocol to synchronize clocks in a cluster to very tight bounds that is up to nanosecond level precision. 2. Exchange time-stamped packets using packet capturing library LIBPCAP,enhancing device driver level kernel codes and related IOCTLs 3. Propose an Idea for frequency adjustments i.e crystal oscillator tick rate for the clocks differing substantially from their reference clocks Technologies used : language C Operating system : Linux : Fedora/Ubuntu 10.04 – Kernel, glibc, gcc

  • Academic Projects

    University of Pune

    June 2009 – June 2010(1 year)MIT College Of Engineering

    1. Web-based examination software (JSP) Jan 2010 – May 2010 Created a web-based Java application using MVC architecture for entrance test practice using JSP Devised an adaptive algorithm to vary difficulty level based on pattern of responses and time. 2. Database application for hobby classes (Visual Basic, MS Access) Aug 2009 – Dec 2009 Developed application performing CRUD operations like account handling,staffing, payments, course schedule, enquiry handling 3. Seminar – Chrome Operating System ( Cloud OS ) Aug 2009 – Dec 2009 Presented seminar based on Cloud Chrome Operating system elaborating basics of cloud computing and features of OS in the areas such as user accounts management, OS architecture and firmware,OS security and file system, Use of OS in netbooks 4. Website for college event registration (ASP) Jan 2009 – May 2009 Developed a small fully functional website for college technical event including user registrations, virtual tour, dynamic event schedule were provided using ASP


  • San Diego State University-California State University

    Master of Science (MS), Computer Science

    2013 – 2015

    Coursework: Automata and Formal languages: Formal languages Data structures and algorithms: Algorithms and their Analysis, Combinatorial Algorithms, Theory of parallel algorithms Programming languages: Advanced Programming Languages, Programming problems from Bioinformatics Intelligent systems and Robotics : Advanced Robotics Database management Systems: Database Theory Implementation,Spatial Databases

  • University of Pune

    Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Information Technology

    2007 – 2011

    Coursework: Operating Systems, System Software, Distributed Systems, Information Security Object Oriented Modelling and design, Principles of Programming Languages,Data Structures Database Management Systems and Design, Information Retrieval Computer Networks Theory of Computation Software Testing and Quality Assurance Artificial Intelligence

Skills & Expertise

  • GCC
  • Algorithm Analysis
  • PL/SQL
  • Core Java
  • JavaScript
  • HTTP
  • Databases
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Test Automation
  • PowerPoint
  • Linux
  • TCP/IP
  • Programming Languages
  • Networking
  • C
  • Quality Center
  • Algorithm Design
  • C++
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Word
  • Bash
  • SQL*Plus
  • glib