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Narendran Thangarajan


Previous positions

  • Software Engineer at Google
  • Software Engineering Intern at Nimble Storage


University of California, San Diego, Master’s Degree, Computer Science




tldr; A passionate engineer. My interests are in Computer Science, Genomics and Economics. Earlier, I have found ways to leverage useful information from public data on Twitter to track the spread of infectious diseases like HIV. Also, I have created technology solutions for people affected by motor neuron diseases like ALS. Long term goal – Learning and applying strong technical knowledge to serve the community and make the world a better place to live in. I also plan to contribute towards solving the global energy crisis, bettering agriculture and creating innovative and effective education platforms for developing countries later in my career. If you have similar ideas/opportunities, I would love to connect with you.


  • Software Engineer


    September 2018 – Present(1 year 1 month)San Francisco Bay Area

    Solving hard problems using data and machine learning as part of the Research and Machine Intelligence group at Google.

  • Building relationships graphs from social media and exploring ways to understand if those graphs can help doctors characterize outbreaks of life-threatening infectious diseases like AIDS.

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant

    UC San Diego

    September 2013 – Present(6 years 1 month)

    TA for Prof. Alex Snoeren for the course CSE 123 (Computer Networks). TA for Prof. Diba Mirza for the course CSE 30 (Computer Organization and Systems Programming). TA for Prof. Nadir Weibel for the course COGS 121 (Human Computer Interaction Programming Studio) TA for Prof. Diba Mirza for the course CSE 100 (Advanced Data Structures)

  • Software Engineer


    August 2015 – September 2018(3 years 1 month)Mountain View, CA

    Identity and Authentication: I help users safely and easily sign in to their Google services from all their favourite devices.

  • Software Engineering Intern

    Nimble Storage

    June 2014 – September 2014(3 months)San Jose, CA

    I designed and developed a new authentication system for Nimble Storage arrays.

  • Software Engineer


    June 2012 – July 2013(1 year 1 month)Chennai Area, India

    I worked with the Platform Frameworks team in eBay India to create the next-gen Web service platform for eBay.

    Recommendations (3)
  • GSoC 2012 – Student Developer


    April 2012 – August 2012(4 months)

    I worked with Umit Project. Implemented the P2P routing mechanism for the OpenMonitor Project. Platforms : Python and Android. Library used : libcage

  • Software Developer Intern


    November 2011 – April 2012(5 months)Chennai Area, India

    I worked with eBay’s platform engineering team in retooling the asset repository tool used in design time governance of assets in eBay.


  • University of California, San Diego

    Master’s Degree, Computer Science

    2013 – 2015

    I specialize in Systems, Networking and Machine Learning. I love building stuff! Following are a few of my recent hobby projects. * Orchestra – * BuddyFS – * ServiceGraph – * MyCloud –

    Activities and Societies

    Association of Indian Graduate Students

  • SSN College of Engineering (Aff. Anna University)

    B.E., Computer Science

    2008 – 2012

    I was awarded “The Best Outgoing Student of Department of Computer Science and Engineering” in 2012. I was awarded Merit scholarship for the year 2009-2010 I love attending symposia and participating in co-curricular events/competitions.

    Activities and Societies

    Drona aka Innovation Cell.


  • English

  • Tamil


  • Bettering TCP Performance of Transient Mobile Nodes in 802.11 Networks by ACK Caching

    Springer LNCS

    November 2011

    Presented at the International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Information Technology – 2011

    Authors (2):
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Jansi Rani S.V
  • Analyzing Social Media to Characterize Local HIV At-risk Populations

    Proceeding WH ’15 Proceedings of the conference on Wireless Health Article No. 11

    October 2015

    The number of new HIV infections per year in the U.S. has remained stable at 50,000 since the 1990’s. To improve epidemic control, we need more public health tools that are aimed at decreasing HIV transmission. Online social networks and their real-time communication capabilities are emerging as novel platforms for conducting epidemiological studies and recent research has outlined the feasibility of using Twitter to study HIV epidemiology. We propose a new method for identifying HIV at-risk populations using publicly available data from Twitter as an indicator of HIV risk. In this paper we take existing approaches further by introducing a new infrastructure to collect, classify, query and visualize these data, and we show the feasibility of identifying and characterizing HIV at-risk populations in the San Diego area at a finer level of granularity.

    Authors (1):
    • Narendran Thangarajan


  • Applications in Ubiquitous Computing

    October 2014

    Designing/implementing an application for Lock-in syndrome patients using Google Glass, Kinect, Eye Tribe and Surface Pro 3

    Team Members (5):
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Jessica J. Cho,
    • Joann Kim,
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Soham Shah
  • RapidHire

    May 2014

    RapidHire is a mobile and web application that allows a recruiter to scan a resume using the Mitek MiSnapSDK and will retrieve important information about the candidate skills and provide instant statistics and ranking for that candidate based on current job openings. This product was developed as part of a hackathon called “Mitek Hackathon”. The team won the first place.

    Team Members (4):
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Narine Cholakyan,
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Jyoti Wadhwani
  • Analyzing Social Media to characterize HIV at-risk populations among MSM in San Diego

    October 2014

    The goal of the project is to reduce the number of new HIV infections per year. We leverage the behavioral aspects of users exposed through social media like twitter to identify hot-spots of HIV-risk activity and make an informed decision while conducting HIV interventions.

    Team Members (6):
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Sonali Rahagude,
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Narendran Thangarajan
  • GENIE-S (GENerating Infinite Employment @ Speed)

    April 2011

    Unemployment is the huge problem in India. In fact, we believe this is the root cause of all problems like poverty, terrorism, etc. GENIE-S is a online portal designed to solve this unemployment crisis. It offers broad range of job categories through which job seekers can get benefited at. Another interesting feature is that, the employer can also hire someone for just few days or even for a single day work. Once the job worker completed his job, employer can rate the worker by knowledge, communication, quality of work, punctuality and dependability. Our unique ranking module which provides a value out of 10 for each worker which determines his efficiency and increases the further opportunities on his/her career. User Roles : Workers, Customers, Users and Admins Modules/Features : – Live Workers Ranking Table – Reports for Admin (Users list, Workers list, Customers list) – Statistics (Job trends in each city, Overall Job trend across all cities) – User management for Admins (Delete User, Inform User – Updates through mail/SMS) – Discussion Forum This project was developed as a part of tech fest IBM The Great Mind Challenge 2K11.

    Team Members (4):
    • Narendran Thangarajan,
    • Ganeshbabu Thavasimuthu,
    • Manoj M,
    • Narendran Thangarajan

Skills & Expertise

  • JavaScript
  • Distributed Systems
  • Database Design
  • OOP
  • REST
  • Python
  • Android Development
  • Web Services
  • Linux
  • C++
  • Android
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming
  • Java
  • Hadoop
  • Scalable Web Applications


  • Cisco Certified Network Associate

    Cisco, License

    May 2010 – May 2012

  • Certified Wireless Network Administrator

    Planet3, License

    September 2010

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Taught computer science to under-privileged school kids in Chennai