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Michael Offenbecher


Previous positions

  • Principal Full Stack Software Engineer (Contractor) at SAI Systems Technologies
  • Senior Staff Software Engineer (Contractor) at Intuit


Kansas State University, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Communications, Electronics, Microprocessors




I’m a highly skilled, hands-on software engineering lead/manager with 12+ years in software development and a passion for mobile and web app software. A leader of local & remote multidisciplinary teams, enabling ownership while providing strong, broad technical skills and organizational guidance. Recognized expertise in all faucets of software product life-cycle development, from requirements gathering, analysis, and conceptual design through architecture, implementation and delivery. ► SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Achieved a milestone in mobile application development by conceptualizing, architecting, and leading a team of 15 engineers to deliver a product that resulted in saving customers $5000 and the company $15,000 per developer, significant positive customer feedback, and eliminated the need for expensive hardware and software which made an impact on the engineering division’s productivity. ► SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Managed team of Integration Leads and engineers, and coordinated with Program Management, Marketing, Legal, Test, Technical Publications, User Experience, and IT to deliver world-class quality software, websites, and documents resulting in a company award recognizing outstanding achievement for directing and meeting release deadline achieved through hard work, flexibility, attention to detail, and providing much of the design, content, and implementation. ► TECHNICAL LEADERSHIP: Proven success developing and leading teams for mobile OS SDK tools and database-driven web applications. Coordinated and drove meetings with stakeholders and multidisciplinary teams to gain requirements consensus and set priorities. Planned roadmaps and drove production deliveries enabling internal customers to meet their production deliveries. Key Competencies: • Software Design & Application Development • Mobile App Development (Android & iOS) • Full Stack Web App Development • User Experience • Team Leadership: Engagement, Mentorship • Requirements & Task Management


  • Principal Full Stack Software Engineer

    TechDuke Solutions

    September 2018 – Present(1 year 1 month)Greater San Diego Area

    Service On Standby (Contract) Full stack design & development of web applications and mobile cross-platform Android & iOS business and game apps using React, React Native, native Android, LibGDX, Python, and Java technologies. ● Developing an online service for business travelers, students, and vacationers, and for the corresponding service providers, implemented as a front-end React web app with Apollo/Redux, and back-end GraphQL/Node.js Express API and NGINX web & reverse-proxy servers. ● Architecting, configuring, and maintaining installed web apps in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing environment that includes EC2 Instances running Linux/Ubuntu machine images, Elastic Load Balancer, Certificate Manager for secure HTTPS, and Security Groups to shield GraphQL and NGINX web and reverse-proxy servers. ● Developing React Native/JavaScript mobile cross-platform Android/iOS app, including native Android/Java. ● Designed and created artwork for company logos, graphics, web & mobile app icons using Illustrator & Photoshop.

  • Principal Full Stack Software Engineer (Contractor)

    SAI Systems Technologies

    August 2017 – September 2018(1 year 1 month)Greater San Diego Area

    Full stack architect & developer of web, mobile, and server apps using JavaScript, Java, Python. ● Developed web admin and reporting tool for hospital fall-prevention & ventilator devices. Implemented as a front-end React web app with Apollo/Redux, and back-end GraphQL/Node.js Express API and NGINX web & reverse-proxy servers (MERN stack), interfacing with Microsoft Azure cloud storage, and MongoDB/MariaDB. ● Wrote Python application to populate and cache data between Microsoft Azure Storage Table and MongoDB databases to save on storage costs. ● Architected, configured, installed web apps, and maintained production AWS cloud computing environment as EC2 Ubuntu Instances, Elastic Load Balancer, Route 53 for DNS service, secure HTTPS w/Certificate Manager, and created Security Groups to protect GraphQL and NGINX web and reverse-proxy servers. ● Set up & maintained development hardware platform running Linux/Ubuntu, NGINX web & reverse-proxy servers. ● Designed web UI themes, developed Android icons, company logos, & web app icons using Illustrator/Photoshop. ● Developed cross-platform mobile Android/iOS apps using React Native/JavaScript and LibGDX/Java.

  • On the Global Network Services Tools team, designed and programmed 5 Java and 4 Python back-end applications using test-driven development to retrieve & write data using RESTful data service APIs, plus to read, populate, and cache data into relational & NoSQL databases resulting in performance/DB load benefits. Emails support team of server issues. Reads & generates CSV files. ● Wrote Java RESTful APIs w/JSON responses, including unit tests that mock HTTP request cycle. Optimized server latency by using multi-threaded approach to asynchronously process thousands of requests in the background. Innovated sophisticated failure diagnostics that shortened analysis and resolution of network issues. ● Wrote Python app to read alerts from Kafka queue and post notifications to internal Slack channel, decreasing network support team’s response time to find and resolve issues, minimizing network outage times and business impact.

  • Senior Staff Software Engineer


    2006 – 2016San Diego, CA

    Technically managed projects, developed software, and led engineering teams in the design and development of database-driven web applications for testing of embedded software running on the latest mobile microchips. ● Designed and developed the latest Qualcomm mobile OS developer network website. Wrote back-end and front-end JavaScript/CSS/Photoshop graphics, wrote developer docs and organized content, enabling external mobile app developers to more efficiently access, navigate, and search content for a greatly improved user experience. ● As Project Lead, designed/developed several Python/Django full stack web/DB tool apps & RESTful APIs resulting in simpler, centralized software test services achieving consistent results of mobile microchip embedded software. ● Conceptualized, architected, and led teams to implement & deliver Qualcomm’s mobile OS SDK tools and docs for automating external mobile app developer workflows resulting in significant positive customer feedback saving $5K/developer, and saving Qualcomm $15K/developer eliminating hardware/software & improving productivity. ● Conducted user experience analysis, wrote requirements, planned software product feature roadmaps, and drove implementation rapidly & accurately resulting in a better product design that optimized user/customer experience. ● Android native embedded development for mobile Linux-Android Graphics and OpenCL teams.

  • Lead Programmer Manager

    Glu Mobile (formerly Superscape)

    2005 – 2006San Clemente, California

    Led mobile game application porting team (Java/J2ME), streamlined processes, and provided technical direction for Qualcomm mobile OS (BREW) game development. ● Ported mobile 3D graphics (Java/JSR-184) games into several Sprint handsets: Jaws, Mario Andretti and AMF Bowling. ● Performed Sprint carrier PCS WTK emulation debugging with score server connections. ● Provided technical support for third-party developers.

  • Software Project Lead & architect of embedded C/C++/BREW camera and multimedia OEM apps for on-time delivery into mobile phones. ● Supervised local & remote teams developing camera, camcorder, video & MP3 player, and picture viewing apps. ● Streamlined processes to increase software quality, and shortened development and integration into new handsets. Collaborated with User Experience design team. ● Architected test-driven software designs, simplifying maintenance. ● Diagnosed, JTAG/Trace32 debugged, and resolved issues with driver team and vendor’s reference design by working with Qualcomm engineers to fix bugs & enhance performance in camera drivers.

  • Developed Sony Pictures Spider-Man multiplayer mobile game, and Fantasy Sports Manager, Street Brawl II, Urban Skate Battle, and Checkers mobile games for Mobile Entertainment Network. Programmed a wireless application development framework, including high-score server & device recognition capability, and developed simulators in Java.

  • Worked on JEOPARDY! and Wheel of Fortune games developing high-performance game engine and real-time image processing library supporting advanced animations. Developed Rick O’Shea’s Adventure action/puzzle game with cut-scene animations, sequencer tool and data-driven collision engine providing random level generation, using complex mathematics and physics algorithms. Performed voice acting and art/sound effects editing for games.

  • Senior Software Engineer

    Quepasa Corporation

    1998 – 2000Phoenix, Arizona

    Managed weather and sports website projects and established and managed game site. Developed all Java multithreaded game applets. Led development teams for multiplayer and high score database client/server game projects and coordinated projects with art dept. Digitally created and processed all game sounds and music.


  • Kansas State University

    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Communications, Electronics, Microprocessors


  • English

Skills & Expertise

  • Graphic Design
  • Software Design
  • JavaScript
  • Mobile Devices
  • CSS
  • XML
  • Video Editing
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe Audition
  • Project Management
  • Databases
  • Digital Photography
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Logo Design
  • Software Documentation
  • Python
  • Web Development
  • Android Development
  • Technical Writing
  • After Effects
  • Linux
  • Embedded Systems
  • Web Applications
  • Technical Project Leadership
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • Apollo
  • Game Development
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Debugging
  • Software Project Management
  • Django
  • C++
  • Electrical Engineering
  • HTML
  • MIDI
  • Software Engineering
  • Keyboardist
  • Java
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Microsoft Project
  • Software Development
  • Audio Editing
  • SQL
  • Assembly Language


  • React: Ecosystems, License

    October 2017

  • From React to React Native, License

    September 2017

  • React.js Essential Training, License

    August 2017

  • Learning React.js, License

    August 2017

  • Learning ECMAScript 6, License

    August 2017

  • React Native: Building Mobile Apps, License

    April 2017

  • Learning the JavaScript Language, License

    August 2017

  • React: Lifecycles, License

    October 2017

  • React: Testing and Debugging, License

    October 2017

  • Learning Apollo, License

    April 2018

  • The Science of Logo Design, License

    August 2018

  • Learning Illustrator CS6, License

    August 2018

  • GraphQL: Data Fetching with Relay, License

    November 2017

  • Learning ECMAScript 6, License

    August 2017

  • React Native Essential Training, License

    January 2019