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Matthew Corey Brown

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Previous positions

  • Software Enginner at where you want at Anywhere
  • Software Engineer at Fortune Factory/ Mahigaming


Evergreen State College, 4 years-incomplete, Computer Science, Genetics




I strive to solve hard problems in the computer space. I am a well-seasoned professional in the software industry and have been working with various versions of C/C++ for the last 25 years, C# off and on for the last 12. For most of that time, I was neck deep in Xbox 360 Internals, working for Microsoft. As a programmer and a person, I am very interested in hard problems. I thrive on challenge. If given the option, I would love to work in a field that helps bring more of the world populace into the internet age, however any job with a consistent and difficult challenge within my field would equally engage me. My long term career goals center on the technical challenge rather than managerial advancement, as that is where my strengths and interests lie. My current status- I am moving to Kansas for personal reasons. I am now actively seeking new local employment. I will only consider jobs which are local to Lawrence, Olathe, Kansas City, or positions that can be fulfilled remotely, through working from home. My two passions are Augmented reality and biomedical progress. I believe they mix. I’ll use the other the enhance my job.


  • Software Enginner at where you want


    April 2019 – August 2019(4 months)Any where in US

    I am a Software Engineer. I can telecommute use One note to share, TeamSpeak, Discord, and Starleaf. Other apps are easy to learn. But living in San Deigo County. I am currently most proficient in C++,C#, and TypeScript. But can pick up other languages quickly. My technology passions are AR, Advanced User Input, TDD, and Design Patterns.

  • Software Engineer

    Fortune Factory/ Mahigaming

    September 2017 – March 2019(1 year 6 months)Greater San Diego Area

    Was working on both HTML5 games and automation to test it. Did both crucial features and to speed up deliverables to our publishers.

  • Software Development Engineer


    March 2008 – March 2016(8 years)Greater Seattle Area

    Technologies used: C, C++, LUA, Visual Studio, Splunk, Team Foundation Server, Playready, Microsoft Test Manager, Xunit for CPP, Internal CVS, SharePoint (Enterprise Content Management System) Worked on the design and development of Video and Music Xbox 360 product for 8 years using VSC++. Worked on bringing MBR to the Olympics and the Xbox360. I stayed with the Xbox 360 client team for my full tenure at Microsoft. Worked on the design and development in VSC++ of Multibit Rate Video Streaming technology for the 2008 Olympics, including the UX, the video service, the video rendering, and system internals in C. Brought new technology to the Xbox 360. Worked on design and development of the Dash/Zune/Xbox Video and Music/Movies & TV/Groove Music apps on the 360. Worked on design and development of the Movies & TV and Groove Apps for Xbox One and the PC. Served as developer of Microsoft’s music and video app on the Xbox 360 since inception as they became Zune/Xbox Video/Movies & TV and Groove. Designed and developed Structures on the Xbox 360 to allow multiple device downloads for Video and Music. Designed and developed a shuffled playlist of all music to be enjoyed by the user. The full music can be shuffled each time the user plays. Gained a strong understanding of Playready and WDRM protection services. Also, familiar with playready DRM infrastructure. Served as an expert on the Xbox 360 for video delivery. Gained expertise with every layer on Xbox 360. Balanced the needs of the customers, and the given release schedule.

  • Software Development Engineer in Test


    June 2007 – March 2008(9 months)Redmond, Wa

    Contract worker through Excell. Worked on the Services that Supported the Original Xbox and Xbox 360. I wrote, ran and maintained test cases for commerce, login, and presence. Wrote an automated test frame work that created virtual Xboxes to talk to the service. This allowed for testing of new service APIs and to mimic the real world clients during a simulated upgrade of services. This allowed us to validate services upgrades would create lowest impact to customers prior to the use of Virtual services. Also created a tool to capture calling patterns from a real Xbox 360 to convert to Testcases using the virtual Xbox 360.

  • Software Design Engineer in Test


    March 2006 – October 2006(7 months)

    Contract worker through Volt. Designed and Implemented software test cases for OS components on Windows XP and and Windows 2003. This included creating test jobs with in WTT which is an internal Microsoft tool that assists in automating of test cases. Also created tools in C# and C++ to talk to WTT to improve speed and reliability of the test cases. This was possible with my previous 9 years of operations expereince, knowing where race conditions may occur and taking advantage of where they are not. Also executed manual and automatic test cases for Windows Vista Wireless Components, Managed and Administrated dozens of machines in the test lab.

  • Systems Engineer

    Earthlink Inc.

    August 2004 – December 2005(1 year 4 months)

    I Was 24/7 on call. But I wrote scripts for software updates that turned out to rarely page or call me. This is cause when it did page me I looked at logs and wrote scripts to fix the issue that would have paged me.

  • Systems Adminstrator

    Earthlink Inc.

    October 1998 – August 2004(5 years 10 months)

    I was responsible for sigma 5 downtown time on mail and web applications. And I made that at my third year, due to my analysis of the previous outages. And also I talked to the devs of the proprietary systems where the weaknesses where.

  • Programmer

    Mare Crisium LLC

    November 2000 – August 2001(9 months)

    Game Developer on the non published “Stars! Supernova Genesis” Duties mainly included the implmentation of Game rules in a propritory language and the balancing of those rules.

  • Systems Adminstrator

    Mindspring Inc

    October 1998 – February 2000(1 year 4 months)

    Earthlink and Mindspring merged in feburay of 2000

  • Systems Operator

    Spry Inc

    August 1996 – October 1998(2 years 2 months)

    Over night FIrst level email/news/web server support. Bought by Mindspring in Oct 1998

  • Help Desk Technician

    Washington State Attorney General

    June 1993 – December 1993(6 months)

    Built new workstations, installed software, troubleshooted hardware and software in offices across the state. Also preformed regular software license audits. And new office build outs, installed the network and computer equipment. Primarily Windows NT networks. We were in the midst of migrating from Windows for Workgroups to NT. I automated many of the processes they had and brought build time of new installs from 2 hours a machine down to 10 minutes.


  • Evergreen State College

    4 years-incomplete, Computer Science, Genetics

    1992 – 1996

    Ran out of money to finish college, came back to Seattle to get money just never went back. But I learned so much more in real companies in the last 20 years.

    Activities and Societies

    SCA, SigGraph, IAAA

Skills & Expertise

  • Integration
  • Apache
  • Software Enginering
  • Software Design
  • Perl
  • Agile & Waterfall Methodologies
  • C#
  • Unix
  • Agile Methodoligies
  • Telemetry
  • Video Delivery
  • Linux
  • TCP/IP
  • Network Security
  • Waterfall Project Management
  • Xbox One
  • Data Center
  • C
  • C++
  • Virtualization
  • Shell Scripting
  • Operating Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Testing
  • Software Development
  • Solaris
  • Scrum
  • Xbox 360
  • Windows


Earthlink Inc.

  • World History

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Causes Matthew Corey cares about:

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Human Rights
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Science and Technology