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Matheus Longaray


Previous positions

  • Mozilla Contributor at Mozilla
  • Software Engineer at HP


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande – FURG, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Engineering




B.S.E in Computer Engineering. Interested in research related to security, web development and cloud computing. Currently working at HP Printing Lab located in San Diego, USA.


  • Software Engineer


    July 2018 – Present(1 year 3 months)San Diego, California

  • Mozilla Contributor


    June 2016 – July 2018(2 years 1 month)

    Mostly contributing to printing-related code. Co-author of Simplify Page feature.

  • Software Engineer


    November 2015 – July 2018(2 years 8 months)Porto Alegre, Brazil

    Web service development using Agile processes. Part of a team wholly responsible for architect and implement cloud-based web printing solutions. Print relevance solutions focused on enabling web and voice printing, and improving end customers experience. Also, actively engaged on the open-source community contributing to Firefox. Technologies and tools used: JavaScript, NodeJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, C++, SQL, Docker, Git, Mercurial, Jenkins, Amazon Web Services, New Relic.

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  • Software Engineer

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    May 2015 – October 2015(5 months)Porto Alegre, Brazil

    Web service development using Agile processes. Part of a team distributed across 3 locations wholly responsible for architect and implement cloud-based web printing solutions. Applications focused on print relevance solutions in order to improve user printing experience. The team is also engaged on the open-source community contributing to Chromium and Firefox. Technologies and tools used: Ruby, JavaScript, NodeJS, C++, Docker, Git, Jenkins, Amazon Web Services, New Relic.

  • Academic Training – Summer Research

    Tennessee Technological University

    May 2014 – August 2014(3 months)Cookeville, TN

    Earth Science Data Project. The goal was to study data and related tools that are being used by researchers, government, and non-government agencies related to earth sciences (meteorology, oceanography, hydrology, climate, and weather). A deep investigation about different data formats and conversion tools/libraries that are being used by hydrology related models and applications was made.

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant

    CNPq – National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development

    August 2010 – July 2013(2 years 11 months)Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG)

    • Worked on different projects in robotics, computer vision and AI. • Published 3 articles exploring a new method of self-localization and path planning for mobile robots named D* Space. • Prepared and presented numerous presentations, a tutorial and a short term course about ROS (Robot Operating System). • Participated in events related to computer engineering, robotics and cybercrimes.

  • Business Learning Internship


    March 2007 – September 2007(6 months)



  • Portuguese

    Native or bilingual proficiency

  • English

    Full professional proficiency


  • Using Space D* for Crowded Real Robots Environments

    Brazilian Robotics Symposium and Latin American Robotics Symposium (SBR-LARS)


    This paper describes a new method of path planning for multiple robots in unknown environments and its validation in real robots context. The method, called Space D*, is based on two algorithms: the D*, which is an incremental graph search algorithm, and the Space Colonization algorithm, previously used to simulate crowd behaviors. The path planning is achieved through the exchange of information between the robots. So decentralized, each robot performs its path planning, which provide a obstacle-free path with the least number of robots around. The major contribution of the proposed method is that it generates paths in spacious environments facilitating the control of robots, and thus presenting itself in a viable way for using in areas populated with multiple robots. The results obtained validate the approach and show the advantages in comparison to use only D* method.

    Authors (5):
    • Luan Silveira,
    • Paulo Drews Jr,
    • Matheus Longaray,
    • Felipe Rosa de Almeida,
    • Silviacb Botelho


  • ROSSec: a library developed to provide cryptography on messages exchanges using ROS

    December 2014

    Over the past few years, the Robot Operating System (ROS) has become a highly popular software framework for robotics research. ROS has a very active developer community and is widely used for robotics research in both academia and government labs. However, despite its huge popularity, information security remains underexplored. Under this scenario, the aim of this work is to develop a library able to provide message authentication, confidentiality and integrity across system components using ROS as a communication middleware.

    Team Members (2):
    • Matheus Longaray,
    • Felipe Rosa de Almeida
  • 6 DOF Manipulator Robot Kinematics Simulation using MATLAB

    August 2013 – December 2013

    Final Project developed by Adriano Henrique Rossette Leite, Matheus Mirapalheta Longaray, and Michael Robson Araújo Leite, while coursing Intro to Robotics (ME4140) course at Tennessee Technological University (TTU), which was taught by Professor Stephen L Canfield, Ph.D. At first, each part of this robot were created using the SolidWorks Software, and then exported to MATLAB. Based on its D&H Table, the Forward Kinematics equations were implemented. Next, the Inverse Kinematics equations were implemented. Finally, using spherical coordinate system, a path was created so the end-effector could travel though a spherical surface and point to its center all the time. That’s all folks!!!

    Team Members (3):
    • Matheus Longaray,
    • Adriano Henrique Rossette Leite,
    • Michael Robson Araujo Leite
  • An Investigation Over Data Security Issues Behind Cloud Computing

    January 2014 – May 2014

    Term assignment paper written while coursing Information Assurance and Security (CSC 4575/5575) and Cloud Computing (CSC 4903/5903) at Tennessee Technological University (TTU). Abstract: Cloud computing has been a revolutionary moment in the history of technology. The development of the cloud service model delivers business-supporting technology more efficiently than ever before due new resource provisioning techniques and technology advances. It has simultaneously transformed business and government. The change from server to service-based thinking is transforming the way IT departments concern about design, business-level security policies, and applications. However, these advances have created new security challenges. The purpose of this paper is to carry out a survey on cloud data security.

    Team Members (1):
    • Matheus Longaray

Skills & Expertise

  • Matlab
  • Robotics
  • JavaScript
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • ROS
  • Ruby
  • CUDA
  • NodeJS
  • Linux
  • Open Source Development
  • MPI
  • Docker
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • OpenMP
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Java
  • Software Development


  • Software Security

    Coursera Course Certificates, License RFAB6CKLZSK3

    September 2016

  • Introduction to Android Application Development

    Universidade Federal do Rio Grande – FURG, License 72FEC58D-FF49-E7C4-9DB9-E98AD7485EB4

    August 2013 – August 2013


Tennessee Technological University

  • Artificial Intelligence(CSC 4240)
  • IT Security(CSC 4570)
  • Parallel Programming(CSC 4760)
  • Intro to Robotics(ME 4140)
  • Database Mgmt Systems(CSC 3300)
  • Computer Networks(CSC 4200)
  • Info Assurance & Security(CSC 4575)
  • Special Topics: Cloud Computing(CSC 4903)

Honors & Awards

  • Fall 2013/Spring 2014 Dean’s List at Tennessee Technological University

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Open Week

    Universidade Federal do Rio Grande – FURG


    Volunteered exposing college to high school teenagers

  • 40 Days of Doing Good


    April 2017 – May 2017(1 month)Education

    Volunteered developing an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) application for a philanthropic institution that assists unprivileged kids and teenagers with disabilities.