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Mark Richter


Previous positions

  • Software Engineer II at Forcepoint
  • Senior Software Engineer at EMC


University of California, Irvine, BS, ICS




Experienced software engineer, team leader, lab manager. Specialties: Linux, C/C++, Bash, computer education, including for non-techies. Additional interests: Toastmasters PM5 DL5 CC ALB, Educator, Free-lance Editor/Proofreader, US Navy veteran, Solar power advocate


  • Staff Software Engineer


    April 2017 – Present(2 years 6 months)Sorrento Valley, CA

    (Formerly Senior Staff Engineer, – acquired 8/7/19) Senior engineer for high-speed NIC with built-in firewall. Developed product transition to RHEL 8. Designed and implemented multi-layer API for external access to Serverlock(TM) Manager. Designed and implemented Command Line Interface to ServerLock(TM) Manager. Added ServerLock(TM) Controller CLI DEB package to package builder based on build system. Redesigned ServerLock(TM) Controller Enterprise and CLI RPM package builder. Designed and implemented installation scripts for ServerLock(TM) CLI and Enterprise products. Designed new C and Python event/alert logging capability with database management. Implemented new features in ServerLock(TM) Controller. Service, installation and RPM package management. Debugged various issues in ServerLock(TM) Manager. Created scripts for numerous critical repetitive tasks. Implemented and setup various VirtualBox VMs for test and demo.

  • Software Engineer II


    February 2016 – November 2016(9 months)San Diego, CA

    Key cybersecurity engineer for Triton AP-WEB Policy/Infrastructure team on Linux & WIndows. – Created efficient method for new IP address database lookup for control without URL – Created effective minimal infrastructure for incorporating independent categorization engine into main product in 3 weeks. – Designed and developed effective IPv6 address lookup alongside existing IPv4 features. – Developed 2 deployment/administration scripts within 2 weeks each for categorization engine and API policy services. – Enhanced Policy Broker service for status reporting and associated management scripts. – Debugged and enhanced various features of existing product. – Extensive use of Perforce, Jira, and Swarm in Agile/SCRUM environment on Red Hat and Windows.

  • Senior Software Engineer


    October 2010 – February 2016(5 years 4 months)Irvine, CA

    Avamar “incrementals forever” core client deduplication multi-platform backup and restore application. – Lead developer, Linux/UNIX/VMWare C++ cross-platform parallel backup/merge capability to multiple back-end storage systems, including duplicate resolution and sorting, with Perforce, CVS, Jenkins, and ReviewBoard using Agile/SCRUM methodologies. – Invented and implemented cumulative partial backup construction and merge C++ class (patent pending). – Analyzed and improved performance using profile-based algorithmic reduction/restructuring for 5-20% improvements with cross-team collaboration to identify and solve the issues. – Administered software lab of active client core team servers and vCenter administration. – Executed product-wide design/debugging in “forever incremental” complex multi-threaded data deduplication backup and restore application, with/without encryption and secure session tickets. – Fixed bugs and enhanced interapplication intermediary software (Avamar-Networker). – Multi-team contact for Linux and UNIX platform issue analysis and debugging, backtrace analysis, virtual machine issues (VMWare, AIX, HP), CLI, etc. as first point of contact.

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  • Independent Consultant


    January 2009 – October 2010(1 year 9 months)Santa Ana, CA

    Built, maintained, upgraded and repaired desktop/network PCs for home and small businesses.

  • TEKSystems Contractor

    Transcore, Inc.

    April 2008 – January 2009(9 months)

    TCA 67-mile system-wide toll road lane management software development, build administration. – Fixed and enhanced multi-threaded 250k+ line enterprise application in C on Linux to coordinate real-time data from multiple peripheral sensors recording toll road lane usage. – Led team-wide system build automation, administration and configuration management (CVS) projects. – Developed project to migrate enterprise application from Fedora Core 1 to CentOS 5.

  • Independent Consultant


    July 2007 – April 2008(9 months)Santa Ana, CA

    Built, maintained, upgraded and repaired desktop/network PCs for home and small businesses.

  • Software Developer III

    Quest Software

    July 1999 – October 2006(7 years 3 months)

    Lead engineer, SharePlex large scale database live-replication with scalable single/multiple local/remote platforms; Vista Plus paperless output, routing and tracking system. – Created C++ back-end server interface to SharePlex GUI front-end client monitor/control. – Designed new cross-platform UNIX/Windows security interface. – Created and optimized numerous Vista-Plus server features in C++. – Overhauled, modularized and optimized ksh scripts for 50% performance improvement. – Mentored junior level engineers in best practices, code reviews, design reviews.

  • Lead engineer for complex C/COBOL/Informix DBMS application subsystem on HP MPE/3000. Project manager, C++ redesign of UNIX client-server model with new Internet interfaces. Manager for critical middle tier servers/services group. – Optimized C application internal scheduler performance by over 25% internally, 10% overall. – Designed extensive power failure recovery to enhance C application reliability. – Designed and implemented application TCP/IP interface in C for Internet access on MPE/3000 for a 300-700% increase in parallel connectivity. – Managed and mentored junior level engineers in best practices, code reviews, design reviews.

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Skills & Expertise

  • Architecture
  • Storage
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Visual C++
  • Software Design
  • Deduplication
  • XML
  • RHEL
  • VMware vSphere
  • Perl
  • Scalability
  • CentOS
  • Distributed Systems
  • LibreOffice
  • VMware
  • Unix
  • AIX
  • Object Oriented Design
  • perforce
  • SAN
  • HP-UX
  • Test Automation
  • Architectures
  • Creative Writing
  • Linux
  • TCP/IP
  • High Availability
  • xubuntu
  • Red Hat Linux
  • C
  • SLES
  • Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP)
  • C++
  • CVS
  • Virtualization
  • Shell Scripting
  • Bash
  • Operating Systems
  • English grammar
  • Software Engineering
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Linux System Administration
  • Software Development
  • Solaris
  • File Systems
  • Ubuntu
  • System Architecture
  • Open Source


  • Encinitas Toastmasters

    Competent Communicator, Advanced Learship Bronze, Vice President Education

    November 2015 – Present

    Competent Communicator (9/7/17) Competent Leadership (6/7/2018) Advanced Leadership Bronze (6/14/2018) Presentation Mastery Proficiency (10/25/2018) Secretary 7/18-present District 5 Pathways Support Team Vice-President, Education, 7/17-6/18. District 5 Pathways Guide. Numerous Ribbons: all categories Toastmaster, ah counter, timer, grammarian, jokemaster, videographer, evaluator, general evaluator, District 5 2017 Spring Speech Contest Ballot Counter. Area 11 2017 Speech Contest Chairman District 5 2018 Spring Speech Contest Opportunity Drawing Chair Area 11 2018 Speech Contest Toastmaster District 5 Director’s Pin 2019

  • Editorial Freelancers Association

    Associate Member

    January 2015 – Present

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • President

    Encinitas Toastmasters

    June 2019 – Present(4 months)Education

    Former Vice-President Education and Secretary, Dynamic Leadership Proficient, Presentation Mastery Proficient, Competent Communicator, Advanced Leadership Bronze; Chairman, District 5 Pathways Support Team; Treasurer, Professional Women’s Toastmasters See also under Organizations, below.

  • Free-lance editor


    March 2013 – January 2016(2 years 10 months)Education

    I help edit the daily emails.

  • Conductor and Bass

    Local Vocal Peace Choir

    March 2011 – February 2016(4 years 11 months)Education

    I conduct the choir at practice and our various performances, as well as singing bass with the choir.

  • Certified Powur Advisor

    Powur PBC

    November 2016 – Present(2 years 11 months)Environment

    Eliminating our dependence on limited, dirty fossil fuels, and saving homeowners money on their electric bills, Powur provides connections to solar power providers on a mission to panel the whole planet.