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Long Le


Previous positions

  • APPLICATION DEVELOPER + DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION SUPPORT at Palomar Technology 2011-2014; American Technology 2008-2011
  • Research And Development Engineer at SafeMed; SAIC


San Diego State University, BS EE, Computer-Electrical Engineering,




Education: 1994 BS in Computer-Electrical Engineering from SDSU; 1992 BS in Mechanical Engineering from SDSU; Still motivate to continue pursuing Master in Computer Science


  • Lead Software Engineer

    Qualcomm(San Diego, CA); Global Software Innovations LLC

    January 2014 – Present(5 years 9 months)San Diego

    Software Engineer Level-III, developed software tool for hardware engineer Developed complier tool for PMIC Team – Power Management IC using: WPF, WCF, Entity Frame Work4-5.1, Silverlight, Atlassian JIRA, POST, Perforce 4.0 LEAD SOFTWARE ENGINEER Developed Game Arcade System to be integrated with SAS, G2S Developed Game using: Unity3D, script in C#, and program Firmware with Keil Developed Mobile App using: Xamarin, Xcode, Git Hub, Alljoyn-Allseen, Zeroconfig -Bonjour, Azure IoT Suite

  • DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION SUPPORT • Developed software for application engineers to program die bonder robot, a high speed and accuracy machine, using client-server technology, Centura SQL server, managed and non-managed C++, WinForm C#.Net, Team Foundation Server, and Windows Service in C++ and C# • Implemented Cognex Optical Character Recognition (OCR). • Optimize operation sequences to improve overall speed of the robot. APPLICATION DEVELOPER • Developed multitasking .Net Window application using C#, WPF, and WCF running multiple clients to access multiple servers via TCP/UDP/Telnet/FTP across intranet firewall of MikroTik router, to transfer/display image-video, via IP camera/Webcam, transfer/play audio, control light beam, and to command/control pan-n-tilt sub-system • Developed embedded server using C++ run on uLinux Moxa ARM 9 to controlled Elmo servo pan-tilt subsystem. • Developed firmware using C for audio player controller running on Intel 8051, VLSI VS1003

  • Research And Development Engineer

    SafeMed; SAIC

    2004 – 2008Greater San Diego Area

    RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Back-end/Middle-tier ASP.NET Web Service Developer • Developed healthcare decision support web service. This C# service analyzes patient Electronic Medical Record from MySQL server to assist front-end application in managing clinical complexity. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT MS Sockets Network Programming – TCP, UDP, and TFTP • Developed Module Controlled Emulator (MCE). This MCE running on a data acquisition PC acting as a client, gathering data from a number of block detectors arranged within a series of detector modules. These detectors act as a server by accepting Unicast Message Commands, do the service, and send back Responses or Autonomous Data Report messages. Unicast Command Messages from the MCE will receive a reply within no more than a 1 second timeout period. The medium is Ethernet (100 base T). Transport mechanism for this protocol is TFTP. The TFTP op-code was used for the commands that retrieve data. The TFTP op-code WRQ was used for the command that send data to the embedded controller. • Developed applications using MS SQL server, MYSQL server, and dot NET Framework for image processing database.

  • Software Engineer

    Ismeca (a Cohu Company)

    1994 – 2003Greater San Diego Area

    REAL-TIME CONTROL SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT • Researched, and implemented lead frame/wafer/medical-handler line of high speed automated machines with two servo pick and place; punch on rotating table; multiple vision inspection, on-fly laser marking, servo motor, DC motor, and stepping motor. SYSTEM INTEGRATION • Merged real-mode to protected-mode applications for expanded memory management. Rewrote assembly codes to C codes library for real-time operation- created micro kernel for high speed multitasking machine control. Rerouted timer, keyboard, and thread interrupt routine with separation of video pages using C language to out perform assembly functions. Because C compiler has done a good job in optimizing the code. • Converted three lines of robotic taping machine from embedded single-bit processor, four-bit, and PLC control to industrial PC control; redesigned electrical and pneumatic system into modules; designed new mechanical mountings; and created new software architecture; combining these three lines of machines into one. To maximize software reusability, extendibility, maintainability, scalability, ease of last-minute-change, robustness, reliability, low coupling, and high cohesion using C language. EMBEDDED SOFTWARE ENGINEERING • Embeddedsoftware engineer, used assembly language to program single-bit and four-bit control system. The single-bit system contain 24K + 6K RAM, 256K EPROM, 1 MHz Clock, 3,5 msec deterministic scan-time. SECS/GEM NETWORK APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT • Defined, implemented, integrated, and specification documented SEMI Equipment Communication Standard Machine-to-host protocol, SECS. (On RS-232 and TCP/IP (HSMS) ) • Implemented Generic Equipment Model, GEM APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT • Developed WinNT Driver to open the device to control servo motor, DC motor, stepping motor, and I/O modules.


Skills & Expertise

  • Integration
  • Automation
  • XML
  • Perl
  • C#
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • C++
  • Shell Scripting
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Windows