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Karan Tabrizi


Previous positions

  • Data TSQL/SSIS Developer at Travel Leaders Group
  • ETL Developer at Wells Fargo


The University of Texas at Austin, Master of Science (MS), Mechanical Engineering




Senior SQL/BI developer with 9+ years experience San Diego/Remote Inquiries only. Proficient in T-SQL, SSIS and SSRS with some knowledge of C# for Tasks and APIs. I welcome learning/working with new languages and platforms.


  • Senior Data Engineer / Tech Lead


    June 2018 – Present(1 year 4 months)Dallas/Fort Worth Area

    Project was to create a private website based on other similar industries in order to provide a unique, efficient and user-friendly reporting tool to property investors and managers. Included side projects to support other CBRE teams. Created and managed numerous SPs for staging purposes using dynamic SQL. Designed, created and managed a data mart to unify and prepare multi source data for various reporting and website use. Introduced various enhancement and performance improvements in staging and main database reducing daily staging jobs duration from 12 to 3 hrs. Managed Database structure, procedures and data utilizing PostgreSQL. Deployed new structure changes using Flyway for inter-environment sustainability and synchronization. Modified existing SSIS packages to account for new requirements and managing errors. Trained and supervised new team members/developers to increase team efficiency and reduce error. Peer reviewed other developers code before deployment to prevent error. Coordinated closely with the product managers/owners to gather and understand business requirements. Working with backend and UI team to provide fastest solution to DB calls. Maintained version control among different environments using Jira.

  • Data TSQL/SSIS Developer

    Travel Leaders Group

    November 2016 – December 2017(1 year 1 month)Dallas/Fort Worth Area

    The project included pulling data with different formats from various agencies/providers and then creating and designing a master schema to normalize all formats using SSIS packages and stored procedures. Finally creating views to make them ready for reporting team. Coordinated with the business analysts via JRD sessions to gather business requirements. Collaborated with reporting team to provide views best suitable for Tableau. Created automated SQL scripts to create database, import new client data from the master DB, normalize it and create views within a few minutes. Wrote SQL procedures and functions to provide custom functionalities per requirements. Created and maintained SQL databases for various clients with desirable structure and schemas for reporting. Created numerous SQL stored procedures to cleanse the incoming data. Optimized SQL stored procedures utilizing execution plan and creating indexes for better performance. Designed and developed new dimension data model by adding required dimensions and facts using star schema. Maintained Data import APIs for updates in client data or API itself on C#. Created staging databases for ETL process to perform data scrubbing operations before loading data into the destination. Developed SSIS packages to load data from various sources such as XML files, SQL databases, Web service APIs. Employed BCP in packages for some clients for daily data pull. Created packages to room for decrypting client data files. Created SSIS packages for incremental loads utilizing checksum. Utilized event handlers (script task with C#.Net) and redirect error output in the ETL process to handle runtime errors. Configured SSIS packages using parameters and deployed them to Integration Services using push deployment. Monitored and debugged SSIS packages using log details, checkpoints, breakpoints, and data viewers. Helped reporting team to learn using simple packages for table updates and data input.

  • ETL Developer

    Wells Fargo

    September 2015 – November 2016(1 year 2 months)Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

    The project was to develop various financial reports for the loan department of the Wells Fargo banking system to improve their strategies and relationships with their vendors. Took part in continues daily discussion with the business to capture the requirements. Collaborated with team members and manages to conclude the best way to tackle the requirement. Identified relative sources and relationships between the databases and tables to create the most efficient query. Created SQL stored procedures and functions to fetch the data for reporting purposes. Identified slow running SQL queries and tuned them utilizing join statements, index maintenance and replace by stored procedures. Optimized SQL stored procedures utilizing execution plan, parameter sniffing, and creating indexes for better performance. Implemented error handling and debugging process utilizing @@error, try-catch statement, and if-else statements in SQL. Created SSIS packages to import data files and create automated reports utilizing SQL agent. Optimized SSIS packages utilizing best guidelines, check points, and event handlers. Implemented custom logging on SSIS packages utilizing event handlers and script task for better error handling. Handled faulty data from vendors utilizing SSIS error handling and redirected rows and sent them back to vendors. Created multiple parameterized reports including the drill through feature. Scheduled SSRS reports utilizing subscription (such as standard and data driven). Optimized SSRS reports by optimizing data set, changing shared data set to embedded data set, caching, and snapshot. Designed strategies for securing SSRS reports depending upon the level of sensitivity of information that the report contained. Communicated the reports and packages with colleagues and business using TFS and deploying reports to SharePoint. Collaborated with team members utilizing TFS.

  • SQL/MSBI Developer

    Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego

    January 2015 – July 2016(1 year 6 months)Greater San Diego Area

    The project was to develop dashboards for Rady’s management in order to review provided services, quality of care, and to implement periodic improvements to patient experiences. Additionally, a data mart was created to provide data to dashboards. Analyzed business requirements to document functional requirements. Assisted project manager in projecting time estimates for development phases. Created logical and physical data models using the ERwin data modeler tool. Responsible for identifying sources, creating a staging database, and data warehouse dimensional modeling Implemented normalization and de-normalization of existing tables wherever needed for faster query proc Created multiple database objects such as procedures, functions, and triggers. Wrote SQL scripts to perform data validation post data load process. Implemented SQL queries into stored procedures utilizing execution plan and indexes for better performan Identified types of slowly changing dimensions required for the data mart. Generated scripts for fact and dimension tables to deploy in the production environment. Maintained data integrity by creating various integrity constraints. Managed ETL for extraction, transformation, and loading of data to the destination database. Developed mappings utilizing SSIS to transform data from multiple sources: Excel, Flat File, and SQL Server O Implemented SSIS packages with loggings and event handlers for error handling. Restructured ETL packages with optimized queries and proper transformations for faster data loading. Generated parameterized, cascading parameterized, drill down, and drill through reports using SSRS. Delivered on-demand SSRS reports in different rendering formats with standard and data driven subscriptioOptimized embedded queries or stored procedures that generate SSRS reports. Created analytical reports and dashboards using Power View for managers to identify critical KPIs.

  • BI Reports Developer

    HELM 360 LTD

    July 2014 – December 2014(5 months)Greater San Diego Area

    Helm360 delivers business analytic solutions directly to the business users; helps small and mid-sized law firms across the US address various legal and financial report needs. The project provides quick data driven solutions for decision makers utilizing OLAP database implemented. The OLAP database provides data to interactive reports. sibilities: Gathered requirements and specifications for data migration from existing system to OLAP database. Generated T SQL scripts for tables and relationships based on approved ER diagram. Developed stored procedures for performing various tasks on databases. Implemented execution plan, indexes and dynamic sql to optimize sql queries such as stored procedures and UDFs. Created scalar user defined functions to handle data issues in string fields. Implemented error handling in procedures utilizing try-catch block, and raiserror and throw functions. Created complex ETL packages to pull data from Oracle and MS Access into SQL server. Implemented event handlers, logging and error row redirect to handle run time errors on production server. Maintained master/child package model for flexible execution. Deployed SSIS packages to the production server utilizing project deployment model with parameter configuration. Adopted drill down, drill through, and parameter functionality for SSRS reports with multiple pages. Identified table columns required for report generation and created SQL scripts for SSRS report dataset. Developed best suitable user interface for management dashboards with Power Pivot. Implemented interactive sorting, document map, and bookmark features to enhance interactivity in SSRS reports. Scheduled the delivery of SSRS reports in different formats such as pdf and excel utilizing standard and data driven subscriptions in SSRS. Managed development work on Team Foundation Server (TFS).

  • BI Developer


    March 2013 – May 2014(1 year 2 months)Austin, Texas Area

    Intersys is focused on providing solutions with real business value Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics, and Application Development. Delivered business analytics to a partner employing SSAS cubes and SSRS dashboards. Evaluated data in the source databases and mapped with OLAP destination. Analyzed the historical data and extracted required data to support the management decisions. Maintained required business logic with stored procedures, user defined functions, CTE and dynamic SQL. Optimized Sql queries utilizing execution plan, indexes and batch processing. Implemented incremental load utilizing CDC and checksum/timestamp. Designed SSIS packages to process SSAS cubes in differed processing modes. Deployed SSIS packages from development server to production server utilizing package deployment model. Created test cases for conducting unit tests on database objects and ETL packages. Created and deployed cubes depending on business needs for slicing and dicing of data. Allocated storage modes such as MOLAP, HOLAP and ROLAP based on data usage. Created report data models with Report builder for ad-hoc reporting. Created reports with filters, interactive sorting, and parameters.

  • DWH Developer


    October 2011 – February 2013(1 year 4 months)Richardson TX

    MedeAnalytics provides enterprise-level solutions to healthcare systems such as hospitals, health systems, health plans, state Medicaid programs in the US and UK. The project migrated data from the client database to the MedeAnalytics data warehouse. Interacted with business users to meet needs of both compliance regulations and business requirements. Encapsulated frequently used SQL queries into stored procedures or UDFs. Created multiple SSIS packages to migrate data from Excel and SQL Server sources. Designed several SSIS packages; included proper error handling, optimization, and configuration techniques. Migrated SSIS packages from staging to production environment. Automated ETL process with SQL Server Agent to execute packages during off hours. Deployed SSIS packages to multiple environments utilizing the functionality of package configurations. Created multiple reports for differing departments utilizing SQL scripts and stored procedures as data sets. Exported business data to Excel for further analysis utilizing Power Pivot.

  • SQL Developer

    Bank of the West

    April 2010 – September 2011(1 year 5 months)San Ramon CA

    Provided support to the production environment and made changes to database objects as needed. Documented database objects and SSIS packages. Created database objects such as procedures, functions, and views. Supported front end applications; created stored procedures and user defined functions to facilitate data entry. Implemented indexes on tables and views for optimum performance. Altered existing procedural objects to implement changed business logic. Maintained performance of SQL Server; including integrity checks, database statistics, and re-indexing.


  • The University of Texas at Austin

    Master of Science (MS), Mechanical Engineering

    2013 – 2014

    Since I already had a technical Masters in Mechanical Engineering (ME) with a thesis, I aimed to pursue my US Masters broader, including courses with business, law and communication subjects as well as different aspects of ME (Materials, Heat transfer, Turbulence and Computation).

  • The University of Manchester

    Master of Science (MSc), Thermal Power and Fluid Engineering

    2010 – 2012

    Thesis: Integrating Meshless & Meshbased CFD (Hard-Coding FORTRAN, MATLAB, SPH) Emphasis: Research, CFD algorithms, Fluid dynamics (Navier Stokes), Turbulence, Heat Transfer

    Activities and Societies

    Treasurer and Organizer of a Society of 450 Members Responsible for the money turnover (about $4000)

  • The University of Manchester

    Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Mechanical Engineering

    2007 – 2010

    Thesis: Programming and Maths-based Simulation of Turbulent Flows (FFT, Wavelet Transforms) Emphasis: Individual and Group Projects, Responsibility of Team Working, Presentations, Time Management, Official Report Writing Design, optimize and build a wooden bridge to withstand a tensile load of 100N Design and build a wood made car powered by a 5kg weight on 5 meter track with 15 degrees slope Optimizing the PWR fueling assembly and system

    Activities and Societies

    Treasurer and Organizer of a Society of 450 Members Responsible for the money turnover (about $4000)


  • English

    Full professional proficiency

  • Persian

    Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Arabic

    Limited working proficiency

Skills & Expertise

  • Engineering
  • Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Data Warehousing
  • Matlab
  • Heat Transfer
  • Core Java
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • JIRA
  • JSON
  • Data Analysis
  • Simulations
  • Agile & Waterfall Methodologies
  • Data Architecture
  • C#
  • SolidWorks
  • Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Excel
  • LabVIEW
  • Microsoft Office
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • jQuery
  • SQL Azure
  • Modelling Tools
  • Transact-SQL (T-SQL)
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • T-SQL
  • HTML5
  • AngularJS
  • SharePoint
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • T-SQL Stored Procedures
  • Data Engineering
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Programming
  • Xcode
  • SQL
  • Swift
  • Fortran


  • Data Mining with Weka

    The University of Waikato, Hamilton NZ, License

    August 2014


Independent Coursework

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Heat Transfer

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Admin Support

    Citizen Advice Bureau, Leigh, UK

    June 2009 – September 2009(3 months)Civil Rights and Social Action

    • Performed IT support, Data input and classifying data for clients. • Practiced a formal office environment and team working.

  • Water Polo Instructor

    National Team (Jr)

    June 2008 – September 2008(3 months)Education

    • Coached a waterpolo team with members aged between 15 and 18. • Practiced communication, coaching and Life Responsibility

Causes Karan cares about:

  • Environment
  • Science and Technology