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Joshua Landman


Previous positions

  • Lab Assistant at RIT Interactive Games and Media
  • IGM Ambassador at RIT Interactive Games and Media


Rochester Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Game Design and Development




● Game programmer (gameplay/systems/tools) ● Primary Languages: C++, C# ● Alumni of RIT’s IGM Department ● Alumni of Sigma Chi Fraternity ● Loves MMOs and RPGs Check out my website: Feel free to follow or look over my works on GitHub:


  • Programmer I

    Daybreak Game Company LLC

    June 2017 – Present(2 years 4 months)San Diego

  • Lab Assistant

    RIT Interactive Games and Media

    February 2014 – December 2016(2 years 10 months)

    Troubleshoot hardware issues, clean the labs, train all new assistants. Tutor peers and underclassman (Unity2D/3D, C#, C++, Java/Processing).

  • IGM Ambassador

    RIT Interactive Games and Media

    April 2013 – December 2016(3 years 8 months)

    Give tours to families, prospective students, and visiting industry members. Question and Answer with families, students and GDC. Contributed to department presentations for open houses. Design web pages and publish virtual web tour.

  • Frontend/UI Engineer Intern

    Sony PlayStation San Diego

    June 2016 – August 2016(2 months)San Diego, California

  • Software Engineer Intern

    Disney Interactive

    June 2015 – August 2015(2 months)

    Worked with UI, Product, Art, and Design teams through 3 release cycles. Bug fixes in localization, chat, guild, and combat systems. Implemented tools for game designers to create more dynamic stories. Participated in the annual Hackathon and created 3 new game modes with Art and QA teams. Contributed to removal and implementation of new Newspaper System. Created live feature toggles to enable/disable sections on live. Modified NGUI libraries to create URL linking and inline image generating.

    Recommendations (2)
  • Instructor

    iD Tech Camps

    April 2014 – August 2014(4 months)

    Taught children (7 – 13), Fusion 2.5 Development kit, Photoshop, Minecraft o Using art and design to create games within games, 2D games (Fusion) to 3D (Minecraft)

  • Service Champion, Trainer

    Taco Bell

    June 2008 – January 2014(5 years 7 months)St. Peters, Missouri

    Worked as a cashier taking orders, helped with food preparation, unloaded trucks, cleaning duties, and trained new employees.


  • Rochester Institute of Technology

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Game Design and Development

    2012 – 2016

    Acted as an IGM Ambassador for the school’s Interactive Games and Media program, going to open houses to act as a tour guide and educate prospective families, as well as to teach students at RIT about the opportunities provided by the IGM Department. Worked on various projects for the department such as the virtual tour and prospective presentation. Was one of four people to run an event called Beach Day. A day long and campus wide philanthropy event to raise money for charity.

    Activities and Societies

    Sigma Chi, Game Design and Development club, IGM Ambassador, IGM Lab Assistant


  • Project Orion

    November 2015

    Project Orion is a two-player couch co-op puzzle game with platforming elements built on a custom engine for the PlayStation 4. The basis of the game is that players are able to fuse into objects in the environment and control them in specific ways, thus allowing puzzle solving to be made up of both character-based traversal and environment manipulation; sometimes done in sync between two players to solve each puzzle and progress through the game. The game runs entirely on a custom engine and toolset built by the team and employs a tool pipeline that allows for designers and artists to easily import assets and scenes into the engine. My roles on the team include, gameplay programmer, rapid prototyper, tools engineer, and all aroundsoftware engineer. For more information, there is an updated blog style page on my personal website, linked through the project URL.

    Team Members (9):
    • Joshua Landman,
    • Aria Bonczek,
    • Sam Handrick,
    • Joshua Landman,
    • Joseph Lu,
    • Freddie C.,
    • Blane Hadley,
    • Carter Blalack,
    • Jialin (Lillian) Li
  • Outpost 26

    January 2015

    A multiplayer, third person shooter, designed in the Unreal Engine 4. The main goal was to create a game prototype that utilized point break collision detection, physics simulations and environmental destruction as key points to create a new dynamic type of game play. Players that were assigned to be aliens, would be able to destroy the environment to create unique tactical advantages in their quest to destroy the space station. This includes breaking floors to escape enemy fire, breaking through walls to create distractions or hidden pathways for quick entry and exit. Positions: – Software Engineer – Designer

    Team Members (5):
    • Joshua Landman,
    • Freddie C.,
    • Luna Meier,
    • Blane Hadley,
    • Michael Cooper
  • Evil vs. Good

    September 2013

    Evil vs. Good is a 2D platformer I made in Visual Studio 2012 XNA 4.0 in C# along with four other people. The game requires the player to get from one side of the level to another while either avoiding enemies or shooting them with fireballs. A detailed description, plus the downloadable game, can be found in my GitHub portfolio, with a link above.

    Team Members (3):
    • Joshua Landman,
    • John Radkins,
    • Jay Stocker

Skills & Expertise

  • Game Programming
  • Training
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • C#
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Customer Service
  • PowerPoint
  • Research
  • Management
  • Photoshop
  • Gameplay Programming
  • Game Development
  • C++
  • Microsoft Word
  • Programming
  • Unity

Honors & Awards

  • Eagle Scout

    Boy Scouts of America

    January 2010

  • Dean’s List


    December 2012

    Over a 3.5 GPA

  • Dean’s List


    May 2014

    Over a 3.5 GPA

  • Dean’s List


    February 2015

    Over a 3.5 GPA

  • Dean’s List


    February 2016

    Over a 3.5 GPA