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Jose Hernandez


Previous positions

  • Android Software Developer at Live Happy Apps
  • Computer Science & Engineering Tutor at California State University Bakersfield


California State University-Bakersfield, Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science




Android Engineer with experience working on production ready mobile applications. Interested in researching Security related topics as well as expanding my knowledge on Android.


  • Adroid Software Developer

    Bandsintown Group

    December 2017 – Present(1 year 10 months)Greater San Diego Area

  • Android Software Developer

    Live Happy Apps

    September 2014 – December 2017(3 years 3 months)

    Project Live Happy is a professional mobile application developed for a research study. The application was created for a research project to help boost happiness in users and help psychologists better understand the mechanics of happiness. During this project, I utilized the Parse SDK to handle things such as user log in and data storage. After Parse was discontinued, the application was migrated to the Firebase SDK. InstaSwipe is another application that was recently created. The app has been well received and has been featured on a handful of top Android news sites and YouTube tech channels. This app is rather simple but involved more use of marketing and maintenance than Project Live Happy. Tools such as AppAnnie and SensorTower were used to help refine App Store Optimization. Currently the app is in the top 10 searches for various keywords and has 30,000 installs in its first three months of release. Facebook Ads Manager, Appbrain, and Google AdWords were used to target an ideal user base. Both these Android applications applied many different topics such as Fragments, CountDownTimers, ViewPagers, Notifications, Toolbars, Dialogs, external libraries, Bitmap images and image optimization, ConstraintLayout.

  • Helped students better understand and implement various Computer Science topics. Examples include object-oriented programming, web development, database development, etc. Also helped students learn and understand new programming languages by applying what they know in a language they are proficient in. Taught students valuable skills such as isolating a problem and learning how to solve it by them selves.

  • Assist professor in helping new students understand programming fundamentals such as loops, functions, pointers, arrays, file i/o, and various other topics. Work with students on Lab days to answer any questions they may have or provide any help they may need. Also help the professor on grading assignments.

  • I assisted Dr. Huaqing Wang on teaching high-school students Javaand Android programming in a 4 week time span. The first week I taught students Vim and some programming fundamentals, using the Java language. Some fundamentals included variables, operators, control flow statements, loops, functions, and object-oriented programming. The second week I assisted Dr. Wang as he taught students more advanced topics like algorithms, gui programming, and threads. The last two weeks I was left to teach the student Android programming. I then taught the students their way around Android Studio as we made simple apps before we started on the bigger project which was to make an ultimate tic-tac-toe game.

  • Worked on California State University Bakersfield’s website to make it more responsive. Used tools such as httrack to pull the website from the server. I then set up my own LAMP stack server to test any changes I made to the source code. Worked mostly in a terminal using Vim since I am very proficient in it and has support for great plugins. Plugins I used included vim-surround and emmet-vim which are useful in languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


  • California State University-Bakersfield

    Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Computer Science

    2011 – 2016

    Introduced to several programming languages and learned how to implement them proficiently. Have taken several mathematics courses such as Calculus and Linear algebra.


  • English

    Native or bilingual proficiency

  • Spanish

    Full professional proficiency


  • Project Live Happy

    September 2015

    Project Live Happy is an Android based research study aimed at improving happiness in users while providing information to psychologist that helps better understand the mechanics of happiness. Users of this app are subjected to a 4 week long program which consists of multiple choice survey questionnaires, write up activities, and daily random check-in notifications. The first version of the app was built around the Parse SDK but is currently being migrated to the Firebase SDK.

    Team Members (1):
    • Jose Hernandez

Skills & Expertise

  • Linear Algebra
  • Oracle Database
  • Digital Forensics
  • Bilingual-English/Spanish
  • CSS
  • Butterknife
  • Cyber-security
  • Unix
  • SQL Injection
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Python
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Microsoft Office
  • Android Development
  • Linux
  • Retrofit
  • C
  • Trigonometry
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • Android
  • Vim
  • HTML
  • Adobe Design Programs
  • Java
  • Calculus
  • SQL
  • Assembly Language


California State University-Bakersfield

  • Calculus III(203)
  • Algorithm Analysis and Design(312)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms(223)
  • Database Systems(342)
  • Discrete Stuctures(295)
  • Operating Systems(360)
  • Assembly Language Programming(224)
  • Artificial Intelligence(356)
  • American Government & Politics(101)
  • Probability Theory(340)
  • Object-Oriented Programming(222)
  • PreCalc II Trigonometric Functions(192)
  • Survey of US History Since 1865(232)
  • Introduction to Literature(101)
  • Exploration in Psychology(100)
  • Essentials of Macro-Economics(202)
  • Programming Fundamentals(221)
  • Introduction to Unix(150)
  • PreCalc I Interm & Col Algebra(190)
  • Linear Algebra(330)
  • Strategy Public Communication Service Learning Course(108)
  • Software Engineering(335)
  • Writing and Research(110)
  • Computer Architecture(321)
  • Practice & Appreciation of the Visual Arts(101)
  • Victims & Criminal Justice System(430)
  • Piano Class I(132)
  • Computer Networks(376)
  • Programming Languages(350)
  • Classical Physics I(221)
  • Intro to Digital Forensics(340)
  • Calculus I(201)
  • Vulnerability Analysis(451)
  • Calculus II(202)
  • Digital Circuits(320)

Honors & Awards

  • 3rd Place in California State University, Bakersfield’s 7th Annual Capture the Flag Contest

    Donna Meyers

    June 2015

    Captured 8 out of 10 flags in about two hours. Flags were captured by solving puzzles relating to various topics in cyber-security and digital forensics. Some topics covered included steganalysis, file signature analysis, extracting information from a RAM dump, recovering deleted files using file carving, and cracking cipher text. We used various tools such as vim, xxd, strings, uniq, grep, ps, top, lsof, find, dd, wireshark, and tcpdump.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Debate Tounament Judge

    Centennial High School

    March 2010 – March 2010Education

    Volunteered as a judge for a state-wide debate tournament held at Centennial High school. Also gave advice to students on how they could improve.

Causes Jose cares about:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Science and Technology