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John Shackelford


Previous positions

  • Consulating Software Engineer at Tritera Incorporated
  • Software Development Consultant at InvisionHeart


University of Wyoming College of Engineering and Applied Science, Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computers




Experienced software engineer, designing and developing complex software products – on multiple platforms (iPhone, iOS, Macintosh, Windows, Linux) using various languages (Swift, Objective-C, C/C++, Java, PHP, CPX. C#) using a various array of tools and frameworks. A proven track record of solving very complex engineering problems across multiple industries including medical devices and aerospace. Specialties: Software design, product development, GUI/UI/UX design, system analysis, development tool selection, product marketing, system architecture, rapid prototyping, system simulation, client-server systems. Developer of Possession – an iPhone app for Soccer Stats.


  • Staff iOS Software Engineer


    September 2017 – Present(2 years 1 month)

  • Consulating Software Engineer

    Tritera Incorporated

    January 1992 – December 2018(26 years 11 months)

    Senior software engineer – provided custom software engineering services to several companies.

  • Software Development Consultant


    April 2015 – November 2015(7 months)

    Worked on development of Java/Restlet Services for ECG/iOS application.

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  • Software Development Consultant

    Piksel Inc.

    September 2014 – April 2015(7 months)Solana Beach

    Java development of backend services for AT&T Uverse VOD product.

  • Software Development Consultant

    ai-one inc.

    October 2013 – October 2014(1 year)San Diego

    Developing PHP and Java based middle-ware to expose the use the ai-one/Nathan Biologically inspired general purpose machine learning platform.

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  • Software Development Consultant


    June 2010 – October 2013(3 years 4 months)

    Helping the design team with a new design effort for their VCAS GUI. Spring based Java UI was upgraded with a layer of Ajax for better interactivity. Static web UI converted to Dynamic web UI.

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  • Software Development Consultant

    Astute Networks

    October 2009 – June 2010(8 months)

    Developed a GUI for their Linux based RAID product – Caspian. The previous version of the product did not have a GUI. I proposed a PHP/AJAX/jQuery solution. I leveraged their solid SOAP interface which provided complete access to the relevant server functions.

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  • Software Development Consultant


    November 2007 – December 2008(1 year 1 month)

    Assisted with the design and developement of a J2EE application, wrote java unit tests (using TestNG, EasyMock and Perl) for video on demand embedded web application. The java application relied on various web related java technologies. Developed a system stress test as part of the overall system test plan – using Perl and XML.

  • Software Development Consultant

    Overland Storage

    October 2004 – September 2007(2 years 11 months)

    Developed a C/C++ Embedded Web application to configure and manage enterprise class virtual tape drive systems. Using a combination of C/C++/XML/Javascript to create/manage webpages for user to configure devices. Worked with marketing to define user needs and requirements, worked with embedded developers to integrate web application with embedded code.

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  • Responsible for development of dll/libraries for use in WinNT/XP dictation/transcription application. Developed internet capabilities for email, ftp and database using C++. Class wrappers. Developed C/C++ code to integrate Dialogic board with IVR application. Developed Cryptography Code for Encryption/Decryption of Medical Records and Dictations (Secure XML).

  • Software Development Consultant

    Alaris Medical Systems

    August 2002 – July 2004(1 year 11 months)

    Worked on a team developing a C++/Win32/COM/ATL/SQLServer/XML Application for managing infusion drugs for hospital infusion pumps. FDA Software Development Process. UI Design, prototyped using CPX. Major code development with Visual Studio 2003. We later redeveloped the application in C#. The application is used by major hospitals around the country in defining safe drug policies for Alaris infusion pumps. Performed optimization analyses to increase performance.

  • Software Development Consultant

    Akamai Technologies

    October 1999 – August 2001(1 year 10 months)

    Assisted in the design and development of a J2EE application. Responsible for the development of a Java API for external use of streaming services for 3rd party vendors/resellers.The streaming media event reservation system was written in Java and used XML. Developed Java application to test core servlets. Developed database management classes using JDBC. The system provides thousands of nation-wide streaming events per week.

  • Software Development Consultant

    Scientific Atlanta

    November 1994 – February 1996(1 year 3 months)

    Integrated a voice recognition engine into prototype set-top box, Developed C++ classes. Demo developed on PowerPC/Mac. Developed class wrapper for speech engine. Trained development team in the use of C++.


Skills & Expertise

  • Integration
  • Git
  • Software Design
  • JavaScript
  • iOS development
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Mobile Devices
  • CSS
  • C/C++ STL
  • XML
  • Perl
  • Swift, Java, Objective-C, C++, XML, JSON, PHP, Javascript, Xcode, REST, OOP, POP
  • JSP
  • Eclipse
  • C#
  • SQLite
  • Databases
  • AJAX
  • C/C++
  • Cryptography
  • Visual Studio
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Objective-C
  • Web Development
  • jQuery
  • Management
  • Linux
  • Web Applications
  • Numerical Simulation
  • PHP
  • Software Project Management
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • HTML
  • Design Patterns
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Software Engineering
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Java
  • Testing
  • Software Development
  • Xcode
  • iOS
  • TestNG
  • System Architecture
  • SQL
  • Swift
  • PHP4/5
  • SOAP

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • President of the Board

    Albion SC

    January 2008 – July 2017(9 years 6 months)Children

    Youth soccer club dedicated to teaching young people the game of soccer.