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PureBold Colored Golf Gloves

colored golf gloves

PureBold colored golf gloves are made of 100% AA Cabretta leather. This is the softest, most flexible leather available, which is hand picked for quality.


PureBold Philosophy

At PureBold we firmly believe in the adage “the customer is always right”. That principle extends through the entire company, from product development to marketing to customer support. If you don’t like our product, our marketing, etc. then why are we in business? The customer has and always will be the lifeblood of the economy. You, the market, decide the success and failure of every product in the marketplace. Where you choose to put your dollars dictates which companies succeed and which companies fail. That is why we develop the most unique products we can think of, hoping to deliver something you cannot buy anywhere else. And that is why we practice another important principle:


Premium Product, Low Price

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? How can we create a premium level product and charge a low price? Well, for a number of different reasons. First, when you place an order from, the product goes straight from us (the manufacturer) to you (the end user). In many cases in retail, as you probably know, manufacturers sell their product to big box retail stores for distribution. By the time you are able to purchase some products, it has passed through several middlemen, and has naturally received a price increase. Not with PureBold. You are getting factory direct prices.

Also, low prices are built into our business model. For example, our premium AA cabretta leather colored golf gloves are currently selling for $20. If you do a little digging, you’ll find a comparable product (both made of AA colored cabretta), for nearly twice the price. We used to sell the colored golf gloves for $25 per glove. So why the reduction? We are cutting overhead and doing anything possible to reduce the price of our products because we know that you prefer it that way. And again, if we can make our customers happy, we know that ultimately our company has a better chance of long term success. We believe we can make more happy customers with lower prices, and thereby hopefully keep you as a customer for life.

So please, do not get the wrong idea. Just because other manufacturers or retail outlets may sell comparable products for more money, does not mean our product is inferior. In other words, when it comes to PureBold, you don’t “get what you pay for”: the goal is for you to actually “get more than you pay for”, when compared to other brands.


The Making of PureBold Colored Golf Gloves


making golf gloves

Colored golf gloves used to grace the hands of top PGA Tour players in the 1950s-1970s. It is much easier and less expensive to manufacture a white leather golf glove than a colored leather golf glove, which is probably why they all but disappeared from the market until recently.

PureBold aims to create the most comfortable and stylish golf glove possible. That is why the founder knew they must be constructed of the highest grade AA cabretta leather. Synthetic leather fails to deliver the same soft feel and natural flexibility present in cabretta leather. Also, with the finest leather, there is no need for materials like mesh, lycra, etc. that are present in other glove models under the name of increasing flexibility through the knuckle and finger areas.

The original PureBold golf glove, released in 2011, actually had a mesh insert covering the knuckle region for increased flex. However, six months was spent in search of the highest quality leather and stitching that is present in the current model, requiring no mesh or lycra. That’s why today you will see nothing but ultra double stitching around your knuckle area on the PureBold golf glove. The premium AA cabretta leather forms to your hand and has a naturally stretchy characteristic.

After the leather is dyed to deliver the one of a kind colors present in PureBold golf gloves, it is meticulously measured and sewn to produce the ideal comfort through proper dimensions. Cadet golf gloves have slightly shorter fingers and a wider palm. However, in many cases a golfer will fit well in both a cadet and regular golf glove, depending on personal preference for feel upon initial wearing.

If you are unsure of your correct PureBold golf glove size, refer to the size guide on the product page before adding the glove(s) to the shopping cart. You can measure you hand by tying a string around your hand, with the string or yarn resting on the top of your knuckles and forming a fist. The measurement you get there will correspond to your correct size on the chart. However, we always offer free exchanges if you need a different size.

PureBold Colored Golf Gloves